Saturday, March 9, 2013

LV Inspired Black Multi-Color Speedy??? Yikes!!!

This past Thursday while I was browsing the Atlanta Craigslist for horrible replicas to post I came across what looked like a black multicolor speedy. I have never been into the multicolor before and do not own any myself so I don't know much about them. But the picture was really small and not so clear. The seller wanted only $8 for the bag and said it was BRAND NEW in Mint Condition. So I thought to myself for $8 I won't feel bad if it turns out to be junk.

So I met the lady after work. It was almost 8pm so it was really dark. I didn't have any change on me and so I told her to keep the $20 cause I didn't feel like running into a store to get change and it was still cheap for a bag. She seemed an honest lady because she wouldn't take the money. She dug up all her coins to come up with the change LOL. So I paid for the bag and left. I didn't really look at it because it was so dark. I tried turning on my car lights a few times to take quick glimpses of it but it was still hard to see so I didn't get to examine it closely until I got home.

And when I did, OH MY!!!  This bag is not at all a replica LOL. It appears to be a cross between the Alma and Speedy. There are no names and no engravings and the monograms are not the same as LV's mono. The bag has a similar canvas to the LV canvas but I don't know about the handles. I can't tell if it is leather or not but the key charm is definitely plastic. Even worse the bag is Not New! It showed a lot of wear so she either lied that or just didn't look at it closely when she sold it. I'm leaning towards she just didn't look closely just because she didn't take the $20. She said it belonged to her 26 yr. old daughter and was only used a few times so if that was true than she must've been rough with it or the material is so cheap it shows wear easily.

I feel like such a goofball now but it was kind of funny so I took pictures to show you anyway. I'm going to give it to my 10yr old niece. She's not going to care LOL.


So funny because when I bought this I thought to myself if I don't like it I'm sure someone on the blog will want it LOL. At least it was only $8, I regret the hour long drive more than I did the $ :o)


  1. That's my fear that the first time I order online that's what I will receive!!!!

    1. Hey Fiona, if you stick to known sellers I guarantee you they won't send you an "inspired" bag. I can't guarantee the quality will meet your expectations because even the best sellers send out a dud now and then. I've gotten a few from my favorite seller as well so I've learned not to expect perfection. However, a reputable seller will work with you to resolve any issues :).

  2. LOL thanks for the good laugh!