Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comparison Pictures from the LV Store by Kim & Maja

My two favorite forum members and also readers of this blog paid a visit to Louis Vuitton yesterday and took comparison pictures right inside the store. It's interesting on what she discovered.


Kim's Comments:

OK so here are the pics I took at LV today, I didn't take as many as I wanted because I didn't want the SA to think I was crazy lol.

Here is the Trevi PM next to my Speedy 35, notice the color difference, the Trevi has a much stiffer canvas and the color is a lot different from my speedy.

Here are all three bags together notice the difference between all three bags they are all Authentic!

I hope these are good enough for your comparison. I am going to be ordering a eva clutch tonight from Joy, after seeing this in person I must have one! Overall our experience there today was pretty good, I bought a key bell for my speedy (told the SA I had a DE Alma and needed a replacement) it was $70 with no tax because it was considered a repair! We looked at so many items and we both left feeling really good about our items from Joy the quality she provides matches the quality we saw at the LV store today so were very happy!

1 comment:

  1. All the three bags are authentic?
    The color between them is really different. So it's ok that my replica eva clutch is a little darker.
    Is Joy a good choice to buy speedy 30 damier ebene?