Friday, March 8, 2013

Authentic Handbags ARE NOT PERFECT!!!!!

It seems like so many people (myself included for a time) think that authentic designer items are PERFECT because of the high prices. People seem to think every stitch is in place, the pattern or quilting is always aligned perfectly, the hardware doesn't tarnish, the LV logos are never cut off and so on and on. I have many authentic bags but have never really taken the time to examine them closely because like many other people I assumed there couldn't possibly be any imperfections on a bag I'd spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on.

But lately I have seen in person at the designer's boutique as well as detailed pictures online from known authentic consignment shops and from my readers showing that this is NOT the case at all. These authentic (bags for example) DO have imperfections! I even started looking at my own authentic bags and discovered as much myself.

So in this post I will show pictures of only Authentic handbags and point out all the minor imperfections on these so called PERFECT pieces. The purpose of this is twofold.

In my previous replica reviews I have been so critical of every single flaw because I thought the authentic was perfect. But as it turns out these minor flaws are not much different than what you'd find on the authentic version.

If you also own authentic bags and would like share them here please feel free to email them to me and list out any of the imperfections that you noticed. You can send them to

The Louis Vuitton stamp has faded so badly its practically invisible! Here is the link on malleries to the ad... Click Here to see the actual listing. This bag is selling for $930. You can get this bag from Joy for $94 plus shipping and it will look way better than this! Sandy also sells OQ (Original Quality) that looks pretty amazing from the pictures I've seen but his prices for those are a little higher but still only a fraction of a pre-owned one with a pretty glaring flaw!


Hey guys, so I have said a few times that I have seen an authentic Artsy with wrinkles on the handle because a lot of you seem to think this doesn't happen on an Authentic Bag. Well this morning I Googled to see if I can find some examples and here is the type of creasing I saw at one of my husband's clients - the rich lady with a room full of bags.

I thought this happened from use but perhaps it was due to treatment like this lady idkbut my point is that it DOES happen to the real bags as well. However the creases on the authentics look different than what you normally see on a replica. They are more natural looking creases not lumpy like in a lot of replicas if that makes sense.

Hi Sarah,

Attached are the pics. I tried to take the pics in natural light so that the true colour of the canvas would show better. You can use these pics on your blogs wherever you want. I feel like your replica closely matches with the authentic, except that the underside of the strap that is cut and has a different colour leather.

Thanks, nesense

Also, I forgot to mention in the pics I sent you yesterday - The pic where you can see the side profile of the bag, at the seam, the check boxes do not line up as well as you would expect on an authentic Louis Vuitton.

In this first picture here you can see that the check patterns do not exactly line up. I've discovered this is also true of my Authentic Trevi PM.

In my review of the Tivoli PM from Joy I had pointed out that the holes for the stitches were not consistent. Some were much larger than others and the stitches themselves were not the same size
In this picture you can see that the holes on the handle tab towards the bottom of the left side is much larger than the holes on the top right side. They are more than twice as big! Now I feel bad for criticizing my Tivoli when it is so true of the authentic as well.

Also I had thought the engraving on the screws are always such that "Louis" is on top and "Vuitton" on the bottom facing opposite one another (i.e. Louis top and is right side up and Vuitton would be below and is upside down). On the picture below they are side by side with Vuitton on the left and Louis on the Right.

And here's the authentic Artsy Empreinte Infinity that I purchased from LV recently to do a side by side review with my replica Artsy. This picture was taken upside down so you have to imagine it turned the other way. When you do you'll realize the Louis is actually on the right side and "Vuitton" to the left and both are facing the same direction.
And here's another thing. I had read that the authentic bags will NEVER have plastic covering the hardware and that any "BLUE" plastic is an obvious fake. Well they have obviously never ordered an authentic from the boutique because that's exactly how mine arrived!

The brown leather on the Damier Ebene are treated which gives them a slight shine or gloss. Some people think that the authentic leather always have a matt finish so they think any shiny or glossy leather parts are fakes. NOT TRUE!!! You can see there is a very slight shine to the leather here.

Here you can see a cut in the leather part which I noticed on my replica Hampstead bag as well. For some reason I thought the cut would be right in the center where the bag folds but as you can see it isn't. And here again you can clearly see the checkers do not line up to form a perfect square.

I wondered about the cut in the leather on the straps of my replica which were glued. I had heard somewhere that Louis Vuitton (and Chanel) sews the pieces together and would never use glue. I also read that the leather on the Chanel Chain Straps are ONE long continuous piece of leather. Both of these are NOT TRUE!!! You can see the cut in the leather here and there are NO stitches there so it was obviously glued together.

And in regards to the Chanel leather on the chain straps they use 2 pieces of leather and the ends are GLUED together. Now there are some that are sewn together and older vintage pieces may have used one continuous piece but that's not true of many of the current versions. When I get my authentic jumbo later this month I will take some pictures to show you.

There is no tarnishing here but I read on another blog or forum where a girl posted that she would never buy a replica because the hardware is cheap and will eventually tarnish. OMG, I can't believe she actually thinks like that lol. ALL types of metal will tarnish eventually even gold and fine silver and it doesn't matter if you spent $10 or $10,000 it will still tarnish!



These are pictures of an Authentic LV Speedy from Kim's collection. She saw my review on my Replica Tivoli PM where I was criticizing the crooked and inconsistent stitching and she wanted to show me that the stitches on her Authentic Speedy are not consistent either.

Kim's Comments:

I just wanted to share some pics with you of the stitching on my Authentic Speedy. As much as people claim that LV has perfect stitching, this is not the case with my bag and I know it's 100% Real as I purchased it myself from the LV Boutique here in Vegas.

Here you can see the stitches on the left are more spaced out at the end than the rest of the bag.



I am sure many of you have heard how an authentic LV bag would never have cut off the LV logos.  So many people seem to think that any cut off logos are a sign of a fake bag. This is SO NOT TRUE!!! I have seen several styles that do indeed have the LV logo cut off. One is the Tivoli and the Olympe is another. I can't recall the names of the others. If you happen to know of them please let me know so I can add it here. So below are pictures of the Tivoli and the Olympe taken straight from the official Louis Vuitton website to show to show you that YES they are CUT OFF on certain styles!
The picture below is the Olympe. You can clearly see 3 of the LV logos cut off with the zipper pocket on the back. You can also see that there are LV logos upside down on top. And that's another myth. Some LV bags do have upside down logos and this is usually because they use one continuous leather from front to back.

And here is the Tivoli PM also from the Louis Vuitton website. There are 2 LV logos here that are cut off by the leather tabs under the handles and 2 more at the top on each side of the name plate. The same is true of the opposite side. BTW I saw this bag in person at the LV store because I had planned to buy one from Joy and wanted to inspect the authentic to see how close the replica will be. It was almost a perfect match. There were only very minor details such as the color of the thread was a bit too yellow on Joy's replica and one of the handles is slightly longer than the other but you can't tell by looking at it. I only noticed when I laid the bag flat and pulled the handles out to try and take a picture of them pressed together.


Here are some pictures of my Authentic Trevi PM. The first picture shows you the engraving on the zipper pull. The Louis here is on top and Vuitton underneath but they are both faced upright. I have seen the Vuitton is upside down sometimes or they are side by side so this is not consistent. And that goes for any engravings you see on screws, rings or strap hooks.

This second picture shows you the checks do not line up to form a perfect square on the sides. If you've seen the original post you also know this is true of the Hampstead as well.

So if you purchase a replica Damier Ebene in the Trevi or the Hampstead and the checks do not line up it does not mean it is a bad replica :).


And here are a few pictures of my Authentic Chanel Medallion Tote showing that the quilting on the sides do not line up to form the same shape diamond that you see on the front and back. It is like a different diamond shape where the top half of the diamond is smaller than the bottom part if that makes sense. People are always raving about how the Chanel quilting line up to be a perfect diamond so this was a surprise for me :).

Some people are so adamant that their authentic bags are perfect they won't even believe the photos shown on the official designer's website. I heard one lady on the purse forum say that Louis Vuitton shows "fake" details on their bags so that the replica makers can't make an exact copy. That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. Why would they show fake details that only make their products look less perfect??? It doesn't make sense!

Anyway that's it for now but I have LOTS more to show you including pictures from my own personal collection of authentic bags but it's going to take some time to put them all together and I want to find some more detailed pictures from known authentic resources so you can confirm the information for yourself. That way no one can say I took fake bags and lied about it's authenticity just so I could make the replicas look better :). Believe it or not some of the replicas do a better job on certain details than the authentic ones, not many but they do exist LOL. An example is the video of the Replica Totally vs the Authentic which is posted in the Youtube Videos section of the forum. The lady that did the review showed the bottom of the bag better aligned on the replica than it is on the authentic. Also I noticed the zipper pull of my replica Trevi from Joy was thicker than the one on my authentic Trevi. I'm sure there are other examples, these are just 2 that I remember :).


  1. This is a great thread! Looking forward to more comparisons. I've examine many authentic bags and many of the "rules" haven't held up. So, at a fraction of the price...I'm good!

    1. Thanks Deb! I was inspired to write this thread by the snobby girls on the Purse Forum who seem to think that all authentic bags are PERFECT and look down their noses at people who buy replicas. I think they have to hold onto their belief because otherwise they'll feel cheated that we can buy such great copies at a fraction of the price LOL.

  2. I have used these bags so i know how good these purses really are. I have bought again from tradesy website where i found Louis Vuitton bags on sale. I love handbags.