Saturday, March 16, 2013

Authentic Gucci Running GG Medium Tote from Neimans

Here are some pictures of my Authentic Gucci Medium Running GG Tote in Monogramed Canvas. I bought this bag from Neiman Marcus in Atlanta in 10/2011 and am pretty sure I've used it less than 5 times. It was one of those impulsive moments which I later regretted but waited too long to return it.

I paid $1,660.00 plus an 8% sales tax so $1,792.80 total. I still think it's a beautiful bag but I realized shortly after buying this bag that I don't really care for monograms with the exception of LV monos. I had thought about selling it for awhile and was even offered $850 from Fashion Phile to sell it outright to them. They planned to list it for $1,350 as it was still a fairly new style and still being offered on the Gucci website as well as several other high end department stores like Neimans and Saks. But that was months ago (maybe close to a year) so that offer probably isn't good anymore.

I do have it listed for sale here but if it doesn't sell I don't mind holding onto it simply because it is the only Gucci I own. I'm not really into Guccis so I don't see myself buying another anytime soon so at least I'll have one LOL. I'd like to own at least one from each brand whether it's replica or authentic.

The bag is very roomy and the perfect size for me. Large enough to accommodate all my essentials without being overwhelming and fits comfortably on my shoulders. My only complaint is the side profile and sagging. It is a structured bag but the bottom sags with my things inside. Also the profile view looks lumpy which is not at all attractive

I have seen many replicas of this bag so it is a very popular style. The best rep I saw (based on pictures) was on Joy's site. It looks almost identical to mine except for the hardware and the hang tag. On Joy's replica the gold is a bright gold but it should be antiqued gold. Also the leather hang tag is too big. I hate the tag by the way. It looks weird to me so I removed it as soon as I brought it home. I still have it but I prefer to carry it without the tag. The pictures will show with and without.

NOTE: You can click on any of the pictures below to enlarge for a more detailed view.


The bag came with this large Gucci drawstring duster bag in a thick brown fabric with gold lettering.

Here's what it looks like with the leather hang tag. I don't like the way it hangs and just really don't see the purpose to it so I have never carried it this way.

Here's what it looks like without the tag. Much better :).

The belt is really just for decoration even though there are additional holes for adjustment.

The double G's is an antiqued gold that almost looks rusted but it is supposed to look this way. The rest of the hardware is not quite as antiqued looking. None of the screws on this bag are engraved.

I hate the way this bag looks from the side. It's all lumpy even when it's completely filled.

There are 2 button snaps on each side of the bag. They do unsnap though I don't see why you'd ever want to do that. I guess if I were to remove the belt and unsnap it I could have a larger opening but that would totally ruin the shape of the bag in my opinion.

The leather is very thick and a very dark chocolate brown color with a weathered look.

The monograms on the bottom do not line up. I also noticed the protective feet are slightly fading to a silver even though the bag is still practically new. It's been used less than 5 times since Oct. 2011!

You can see the fading a little better here on the metal studs.

See how the monograms do not line up?

The GG's here looks tarnished but that's the way it's supposed to look.

The white stuff you see in the bag is just foam I am using to keep the bag in shape.

This bag closes with a very strong magnetic snap button. I wish the replicas were half the strength of this bag. It snaps tight from an inch away!

The interior is lined in a thick sandy colored textile fabric. There are 2 open pockets and 1 zip pocket.

The open pockets have these holes on the corners. They are intentionally done this way.

Notice the color of the zipper - the zipper, zipper head and zipper pull are 3 different colors! Interesting how none of of those 3 colors matches the goldtone hardware on the exterior of the bag.

Here is a couple of pulls in the corners here.

This last picture shows the replica wallet I got from Joy compared to the authentic bag. As you can see there is a slight color difference but you'd only notice it if it were placed side by side like this. The canvas itself is about the same thickness and texture.

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