Monday, March 4, 2013

Alex's First Haul from FabAAA

This is a review of multiple purchases from FabAAA. Alex, thank you for sharing your first haul with us. I am sure your review will help other newbies who are hesitant in buying from Joy.


Alex's Review:
Hello fellow Replica Lovers,

This is my first haul from Fabaaa. I made these purchases in early December so the pictures show what a 1-month age will do to the products. I decided to purchase the Speedy 40 Bandoulièr (with strap), the Insolite Wallet, and the Small Trunk Agenda all in the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas.My experience with Joy and her team was beyond my expectations. She was absolutely fabulous to say the least. Sent me a picture of the product beforehand as requested and made me feel extremely important to the company. I had many many questions as this was my first time buying a replica online and not in person and she answered each question within 24 hours, no matter how ridiculous it may have sounded. Customer service alone is A+++ and for that I will always stick to this website. It's a jewel!

Now for the items...I cannot stress enough how well they were packaged. Bubble wrapped to ensure no scratches or marks would be obtained in shipping. Each item came with tags (although they did not correspond to the correct product), a beautiful dust bag, and all of the hardware was protected in plastic wrap. In addition, all the small leather goods came with Louis Vuitton structured boxes that are almost identical to the originals.

The Speedy 40 Bandoulièr is phenomenal. The stitching is correct - both the color and size. The red glue along the sides is very on-point (as I compared side by side with an authentic in-store) also the pattern as many LV lovers know starts and ends on the same symbol whether it be the circle or squared fleur de lis. The code on the inside tab is off, but that's the only thing if any I see wrong with the bag itself. Very minor in the grand scheme of things!

The wallet is gorgeous. I have not seen an authentic with this print on the inside, but I have received so many compliments on it that I do not mind. It is absolute stunning. My credit cards fit wonderfully in the slots and the corresponding code is more authentic.The hardware is very sturdy and the leather tabs are beautiful vachetta leather. 

The agenda did come with a 2012 Calendar so I had to purchase the 2013 for an additional $11 plus shipping less than 2 weeks later. Came with all of the wonderful fixings - stickers and all. And the Calendar is golden-edged similar to that of a bible - so beautiful!

I chose to let my bag patina naturally, and it has. It is now less white and more tanned which I am very happy with. I have another purchase I can take pictures of and send soon!



  1. You haul looks PERFECT! WOW!!!

  2. Oooh I want! Lol. Everything looks nice! I have been looking at that agenda now I'm motivated to get it. Thanks for sharing your haul.