Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Message from Fang

I just wanted to share my email correspondence with Fang so that you all know I have her (or his, I have no idea if Fang is a man or a woman LOL) permission to freely post her website on my blog and I'm assuming anywhere else for that matter.

The reason I'm doing this is because there are people who are not happy with me openly announcing these websites. I do not want to become one of those blogs or forums who are so secretive they don't want to share anything but as a compromise I will always give the option to the seller themselves. If they do not want their names and websites revealed they only need to tell me and I will be happy to respect their wishes.

So far I have only asked and received permission from Joy and Fang. I have not asked Bobo from Vanco but he is well aware of my blog as I have sent him a link to his site review. Since he hasn't opposed it I can only assume he's fine with it.

Please note that Fang's English isn't so great so there are grammatical errors which I have left alone. In particular "sue" is actually supposed to be "use" lol. Also she referred to "Kingston" who is the person that submitted the review for the Chanel Reissue. She asked me to remove the site when she sent the review so I told her I'd ask the seller and if it is their wish then I would respect it. When I emailed Fang I copied Kingston so she could see what I wrote. I received a response from Fang only a few hours later.

Anyway, here are the emails:

My Original Email:

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 18:42:16 -0500
Subject: Website Question

Hi Fang, my name is Sarah and I run a blog at This blog is intended to be a review site for replica products and sellers. I am a lover of designer bags and have bought almost 200 bags in the last 2 years though most were from Joy at FabAAA. I plan to start buying from you now that some of my readers have given you such great reviews J.
Anyway your website is currently listed on my recommended seller list.  Many of my readers will purchase when they see beautiful bags reviewed by real buyers  so I hope this will bring you more traffic and sales.

The reason I am writing is to ask if you are ok with me listing your website on my blog. I know you have a lot of loyal customers and some of them do not like having their favorite website listed publicly so I thought I would leave this decision to the seller instead. Please let me know your thoughts. If I do not hear back from you I will assume it is ok and leave everything as is. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you soon!
I went to your website to make my first purchase and I noticed it is down. I hope everything is fine on your end. Can you tell me when you will be back up and running so I can make my purchase?

Fang's very short response

From: 芳芳 闵 []
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 11:25 PM
To: Sarah J
Subject: RE: Website Question
hi dear  thanks  kingston have told you, you can sue the site on your blog dear thanks


  1. Awesome! Thanks for going the extra mile for the "cause" so that we are NOT one of those sites & forums that are super duper secretive and that you can't get info out of.

    People need to understand that MOST of these favorite sites are easily found on Google & other search engines. I can EASILY even see all the "secret" info on RepsChat forum by searching the Google Cache, so they think they're info is hidden behind logging in with a password, but google keeps an old cache & I can see the reviews, etc. simply by knowing how to search.
    I found ALL the sites info (except for Shaly & Jackie) by googling or posted on other forums, so with specific research it's not impossible for people to find this info. UB's password was freely posted on someone elses blog that I just happened to stumble on. Anyways, thanks again Sarah, for focusing on solving problems & helping everyone out!!

    1. Hello Maja - I tried your method ABOUT "Cache" searching and clearly am not as adept because I cannot find what I am looking for.

      Would you mind emailing me the contact info for some of the better and elusive sellers for LV and Chanel. I have heard "Jacky" is the best and joined replovers but they have forbidden sharing the contact info.

      I am really at a lost and do not want to spend thousands of dollars experimenting with crappy sellers when the information is out there but just out of reach.

      My email is and I would be very interested in your recommendations and any info you could share to contact the great sellers.

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  3. their website is still down, do they have a new website???? i really want to buy a bag for my sister :(