Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Fab Fabulous Collection from Shirley

Here's another fab FABULOUS Collection from a reader! These beauties are a part of Shirley's collection. I have already bought way too many Chanel bags but seeing these pictures are just making me itch to go buy more grrrrrrhhhh!!!

F.Y.I. Shirley is also a member of our forum under the username SRL


Shirley's Comments:

Hi Sarah,

I love your blog and am very happy to be part of your purse community.  I haven't been able to post pictures, so I am including them in this email for you. You can post them if you want.

Here is my collection from just this past year.

my authentic Louis

authentic wallet

authentic channels

my reps from vanco fashion that i just received

chanel 1115 from vanco in black and blue

mini in lambskin

bag I got on canal street in NYC. Paid $250 (yikes) got ripped off.

what do you think. Thanks
ME: I think I need to give my wallet to my husband for safekeeping LOL

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  1. Those all look spot on! I love how your authentic LV mono canvas looks shiny becuase uber OCD ladies (myself included) need to realize that shades in canvas vary in authentic LV bags & quality from LV isn't what it used to be & prices let's face it are pretentious & ridiculously high....obnoxiously exclusive (exclusive in a bad way) & customer service leaves alot to be desired nowadays! I think LV & Chanel need to take a page from Coach...they created a their poppy collection which is their line of lower priced LV & Chanel should also make a line of lower priced bags about under $500 for a full sized handbag...that would be nice!!!! I think that the late Coco herself would agree that fashion isn't about obnoxiously high prices....real fashion is about real everyday women!