Thursday, February 14, 2013

Authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy Infinity Empreinte MM

This is a review of my Authentic Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM purchased last week from the Louis Vuitton website and received on Monday, February 11th. I paid $2,890 plus an 8% sales tax with Free Overnight Shipping. Unfortunately the bag is way too big for me so I will be returning it. I hope this review will make a good guide for those of you looking for a way to compare your replica's to the authentic.

And now onto the pictures and review. The bag arrived in this very large Louis Vuitton Box.

This is the LV duster I've seen that has a drawstring instead of a flap that folds over. Much nicer!

Here is the front of the bag. It is identical on both sides. All monograms are in exact same position. This bag is a very, very dark navy blue that looks black at night and under certain lighting. The blue shows better in the daytime or under sunlight. Due to inconsistent lighting on my part the colors will vary from picture to picture.
 Monograms are very subtle. Notice how they are spaced evenly apart. They are not clustered close together. Also the leather is a flat finish, it does not have any shine to it whatsoever.

 Color of the thread is more blue than the leather so it does stand out.

Notice the engraving on the donut where the rings are. They are very fine and not etched deeply into the hardware. Also note how "VUITTON" is on top and "LOUIS" is below and is also upside down.

Note the placement of the monograms. The ring cuts off a part of the flower on the top right corner. Remember monograms are positioned exactly the same on the opposite side.

Note placement of the monograms on the bottom Left corner of the bag. It will be the same on the other side.

Note the placement of the monograms on the bottom Right corner of the bag. They will be in the same position on the opposite side as well.

This bag has a lovely natural drape in the middle. Note the monograms middle top opening of the bag. They will be in the same position on the opposite side.

Monograms on the side of the bag is also identical on the opposite side. See the LV in the middle towards the top and also another about 2/3rds of the way down. They are aligned perfectly. Also note the 2 flowers on the front and back that meets and are joined on the side of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag. As you can see the 2 LV's that are visible are in exactly the same position. The 2 flowers are in the same position as well.

The handle is very stiff but comes with a natural arch. I did not have to bend to create this curve. Also the braid on the handle are tightly woven.

Here is the bottom Left corner on the other side of the bag. If you scroll up and look at the picture from the opposite side you will see that the monograms are in the same position.

 There appears to be a slight shine on the bag but that is only a trick of the lighting. Remember the leather is completely flat.

Again this is the bottom Left corner of the other side of the bag. Scroll up to find the other side and you will see the monograms are in the same place.

The curve of the bag is the same on both sides. You can see how they both lean inwards.

The braided handle is tightly woven with no large gaping holes or lax braids.

The bottom mid section of the bag that contain the 4 metal feet is exactly 11.5"

Note where the studs cut off same flower on each corner. On top it cuts off the top of the flower. On the bottom it cuts off the bottom of the flower. Also note where the criss crossed stitching meets exactly in the middle of the same flower that each of the studs are cutting off. Note where all the other monograms are in reference to the stitched area.

This is the top Left corner of the base. Notice how the stud cuts off the top of the flower. Also note that where the seams the monograms are NOT aligned.  Many people seem to think that all authentic LV's always line up where seams meet. That is NOT True!

Here is the bottom Left corner of the base. Notice how the stud is now cutting off the bottom of the flower. Also note where the thread is crossing over which portion of the LV logo.

Note here how the stitching makes an X right in the center of the same flower that are being cut off on each corner by the metal studs.

Note here how part of the monograms are cut off from the front and does NOT line up when it meets the base.

See the tip of a flower here and how it does not continue on to the base?

This is the top Right corner of the base. Note how the metal stud is now cutting off the top of the flower. Remember that the top corner the studs cuts off the top part of the flower. Bottom corner cuts bottom part of the flower.

Here is the bottom Right corner of the base and here the stud cuts off the bottom part of the flower.

Interesting how in this ring "LOUIS" & "VUITTON" are now side by side instead of top and bottom like the ring from above. It just goes to show you that even the authentic bags have minor inconsistencies.

The lining on the inside is made of a very rough textile lining that is a dark blue with black stripes. Note the pattern of the lining. It is one bold black line followed by 2 double black lines closely together and this repeats throughout.

This is the top inside of the bag. The LV's are upside down going into the bag.

The zipper pull is engraved with Louis Vuitton on opposite sides and they are reflected at a 180 degree angle.

 The gold color of the stamping matches perfectly to the goldtone hardware. Notice that the stamping is crisp and clear. They are not bolded. Note the space around the "R" in the registered mark. Most replicas have bolded everything but the registration mark is so bolded that the R just about touches the circle it is inside of. Also note the placement of the leather tag. It is exactly the length of 6 stripes. Note where it is placed. The first line is the thicker line and the 4th line is a double line.

In this picture I have REMOVED ALL padding on the inside. Notice how the bag still retains it's shape. Most replica's will just completely flatten.

Here is the side view also without any padding on the inside. The thickness of the leather and the coarsness of the lining helps it retain it's shape without having anything in it.

Here the "LOUIS" is on top and "VUTTON" on the bottom both at a 180 degree angle. Remember the one of these rings the names are side by side instead of top and bottom. I didn't notice this until after the pictures and already returned the bag so I can't tell which ring it was.

I tried to get a picture from every angle of the bag but unfortunately was unable to get any clear pictures of the interior. It was just too dark and I didn't want to tear the bag trying to get at it. I had planed to do a Video Review as well but changed my mind when I realized I could not get a clear shot of the interior.

Also the leather charm with the gold ring and clasp is clipped to the inside of the bag. When I took it out I could not figure out how to hang it off the handle. The leather was too stiff and it wasn't very long.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I made a HUGE mistake here in identifying the authentic and the replica charm! On the charm's below I originally thought that the one that looks better is the replica and the one that is extruding is the authentic but I am DEAD Wrong! Somehow I got the charms switched during the photo shoot and that is how I made the mistake. I  only just now realized my mistake when I found the replica charm on my desk. It is the one that is extruding. I thought for a second I returned the bag to Louis Vuitton with the fake charm and was about to call UPS to bring it back but when I looked closely at the charm I realized that the leather part is worn and thin so it is indeed the fake one. So I have revised the rest of the review below with the charm. I am so sorry for the confusion.

Below are some pictures of the Fake Charm next to the Authentic Charm. The charm on the Left is the authentic and the one on the Right is the Replica. The authentic has a smoother finish and the clasp is not extruding like in the Replica. Also if you look at the stamping it is cleaner and easier to read on the Authentic. The Replica is a little paler than the Authentic as well.

Authentic on the Left and Replica on the Right. The 2 charms are almost identical in shape and size.

Replica on the Left and Authentic on the Right. The leather on the Authentic is thicker/wider than the Replica. In this picture the Replica leather part is lying flat and the Authentic is turned side ways so you can't see the difference here. The rings are exactly the same size and thickness.

Here the Replica is on the Left and the Authentic is on the Right.

Authentic on the Left and Replica on the Right.


  1. Where would you recommend to get a 2.55 beige Chanel bag form?

    1. Hi Angie, the best replica's I've seen for Chanel are Uncle Bench and Fang's site. If you'd like the URL please email me for my code sheet so you can translate the URL's listed on the "Shopping Sites" section of the blog.

    2. please send me info ASAP

    3. HI can imalso have the code sheet?

    4. send me information too

  2. Thanks for the review I am in love with this bag, Its crazy how FabAAA photos of the bag in Infini color is similar to the Auth but the bag you received was just awful! Im sure this bag is difficult to replicate. I have seen the speedy in similar leather close to the Auth with the matte finish
    Keep up the great work :)

    1. I know, I wish I had requested photos prior to shipping. It's possible I got a bad one but it was just so awful. Almost everything about that bag was off!

  3. I dont think it was a bad one. Ive seen other reviews of Joys Empriente Artsy none were good! LOL

    1. Well that's too bad. I wonder where she got the one in her pictures?

  4. OMG I thought the charm on the right was replica on the first pic. The one on the left looks so much better. I do see the color is different that the replica is more golden but the finish looks much smoother.

    1. I know, I was really surprised to see this. It just goes to show you that even on an authentic bag there are some inconsistencies. They are not all perfect like they make us out to believe. This is both good and bad; good for those of us who buys replicas and not so much for those who spends mucho mulah to find imperfections :).

  5. On one of the forums they were saying jacky is good for LV Empreinte, but I have no idea how to order from there.

    I was looking on fangs website and I don't think she carries Empreinte :(

    Does anyone know a seller?

  6. Hi the black empreinte artsy from fab is horrible but the infiniti empreinte artsy is amazing i order the black one got and found out the same day joy had the infiniti which is navy black and i exchanged it and so it's been amazing i've seen the real deal and its real close. So please don't hesitate it's well worth it i will be sending pics to share on here soon.

    1. Hi William, that's awesome that you got a good one. I ordered the Infiniti but as you can see in my comparison pics to the authentic one it looks nothing like it. Horrible, horrible replica period :(. I would love to see what yours look like if you have some time to shoot some pics.

  7. My LV bag I purchased online at the LV store inside liner is NOT blue with strips like yours. Mine is all black inside and it is Authentic.