Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Replica Prada Saffiano Tote in Cameo

2/11/13 UPDATE: A Youtube video of this bag was added today. Enjoy!!!


This is a review of my Replica Prada Saffiano Tote purchased from FabAAA. I thought I saw this exact bag at Neiman Marcus this past Sunday but now I am not so sure because when I went to the Neimans website I see several styles that all look very similar so now I don't know which one it is. It looks closest in shape and size to the Saffiano Lux Tote but I do not see this color on their website so that is very strange.

Anyway, I had previously posted a video review of this bag HERE and below are lots of pictures with close ups from every angle I could get my camera to focus on :).  I think this is a GORGEOUS Bag and a Great Find so I hope this review will help give some of you the boost to purchase one if you are on the fence!


Please NOTE: These pictures were taken at night with artificial lighting and combined with your own monitor settings etc., the color you see may not be accurate. This color is described as Cameo at Neimans but I would describe it as Mauve, Blush or even a Dark Matt Pink. It is a gorgeous color, so feminine and sophisticated it exudes class and style!

This is the smaller size which comes with a removable long strap. I don't think I will be using it though.

The hang tag which is attached to the left side of the front handle is a bit of a disappointment. It will not stay in place unless the handles are standing up or you can tuck it into the slit the way I have it here. The original is secure and does not slide down unless you pull at it.

The stitching on this bag is beautiful. But as with most replica's there tends to be a few minor imperfections but nothing that is obvious at a glance. And keep in mind that these pictures are SUPERSIZED so you are seeing every little flaw that you probably wouldn't see in person unless you were squinting at it from inches away :).

All zipper heads are engraved with Prada Milano on both sides. Hardware is a nice bright goldtone that feels true to the authentic. It does not feel like cheap metal to me. Stitches on the edge left of zippers are a bit sloppy and looks to be pulling. They should be tight with no thread showing through.

The "R" in Prada on this name plate is missing the gap in between the curve and the leg. However this tag is so small and the letters even smaller so no one would see it unless they were staring hard and it was 2" from their face. The plate itself is aligned perfectly and seems to be adhered well.

Here is a side view. You can see it has snap buttons on the side to give it a new shape. These buttons snaps with a nice sound click. It does not come apart even when I shook the crap out of it LOL. I have had issues in the past with magnetic closures and snap buttons so I was very happy to find that this one actually stays put. I like it best with the buttons snapped.

Here's a close up so you can see the texture of the leather. The Saffiano leather is very low maintenance. It is scratch and stain resistant and a damp cloth would clean most anything. However, a fair warning here: DO NOT use any type of alcoholic wipes on this leather. There is a chance it will ruin it. I read this somewhere of an authentic bag.

Here you can see that the button is engraved with Prada twice. The engraving is very well done. It is crisp and clean. The other side is not engraved.

The stitching here (on the left) is not consistent. See that one piece of thread that is longer than the others? Also not quite even but this part will be hidden in the curve of the bag. I had to pull it out in order to photograph it.

The stitching down the sides of the bag are PERFECT!!! 

The bottom seams here do not meet perfectly but it isn't really noticeable in person and I don't think that even the authentic is perfectly aligned. I have 2 Authentic Prada bags and have noticed little
imperfections with stitching.

FUN FACT: Did you know that SOME (not all) Prada's are being produced in China? It's true! They make the bags in China then sends them to Italy to add the finishing touch just so they could add the tag that reads "Made in Italy". When it's made in Italy they proudly display the tag where it is easily found but the tags that says "Made in China" will be in a very discreet location.

Here is the back side. The rolled handles on this bag fits over my shoulders though I prefer to hand hold or place it on the crook of my arms.

Here's another close up of the Saffiano on the back side. I wish my camera picked up it's true colour.

The bottom of the bag is not quite even. The left side is slightly taller than the right side. But you won't know this without turning it upside down.

Here is the top left corner. All 4 protective studs are engraved with Prada twice. There is a piece of plastic stuck under the stud here. It was covered in clear plastic when I received it and they had it all up underneath it which I really hate. It would be nicer if they just taped it over the feet and onto the leather. I'm going to try tweezers but if that doesn't work than not a big deal.

Here is the bottom Left corner. Due to the inconsistent lighting it is a bit washed out here. More plastic stuck here as well.

Here is the bottom Right Corner. More plastic here as well. The hardware is so shiny you can see a reflection of the camera. I am literally 2 inches away from the bag :).

And this is the top Right Corner. I got most of the plastic off of this one.

Here is the top Right Corner from the front of the bag. This is the worst corner of all as you can see the stitches are pulling here. It should be nice and tight but really I didn't even notice it until I shot the pictures. It may look like it's pulling apart but it feels nice and tight.

Here is the top Left corner. This side just has a tiny bit of the thread showing. It's so tiny it's not even worth mentioning. You really can't see it in person.

This is the only corner that appears perfect. No stitching showing through here.

Another super tiny piece showing here as well. This is the back side on the top Left corner.

The lining of this bag feels almost identical to my Authentic Prada. The color of the lining matches the color of the bag perfectly. This is the Prada signature lining. You should see PRADA as part of the design repeating every  other row.

Top view of the bag with the zipper compartments closed. It was almost impossible for me to get a picture of the inside and what I was able to capture is completely off in regards to the color.

See here the lining looks like a dark beige. This picture was really dark so I had to brighten it up by a lot. And in doing so changed the color even more.

Here is a close up of the lining fabric. It has the right texture to it. 

The middle open compartment has one zipper pocket and one open pocket.

All zippers run smoothly inside and out.

Not sure how this picture appears on your monitor but on mine it is the most accurate as far as the color goes.

The stitching on the inside all look nice and even to me with consistent size stitches.

Here the "R" on Prada is done correctly with the gap in between the curve of the R and the leg.

All zipper heads are thick and the goldtone is consistent. In other words the zipper head, zipper pull and the zipper itself all matches perfectly.

Top view with the 2 main zipper compartments opened. There are a total of 3 main compartments plus the 2 pockets in the middle compartment.

The lobster claw on the long straps are engraved with Prada only on one side. This is correct.

The stitches on the long strap are near PERFECT! I saw no flaws here. 

The long straps are adjustable. The buckle is engraved Prada only on one side (shown here on top). Straps are good quality and feel strong enough to hold a heavy bag.

Here I have modeled it on my mannequin who is the same size as myself except she has no arms or legs LOL. She can wear a size 00-2 depending on the manufacturer. Her measurements are 34C, 24, 33 (I am 32C, 24, 33). This is to show you how the bag hangs from the shoulder on someone my size. Obviously if you are bigger it would not hang so low and if you are even smaller it would be even lower. The straps could be adjusted longer or shorter than shown here.

The straps are long enough to be worn cross body as shown here but may be a tight fit for someone larger.

I really LOVE this bag and honestly would not hesitate to carry it into Neimans :). I would rate this bag a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10. I have yet to rate any bag a 10 because to me that means that it is a True Mirror Image with absolutely no variations.

I still haven't used this bag yet but I plan to take it with me to work tomorrow. My employer's wife who also works here as the boss of her own separate company (we share the building) absolutely LOVED this bag. She has already told me to order her one right after the Chinese New Years!

This was a Fabulous Find from FabAAA so do not hesitate to get one for yourself if you like the style. I did not take measurements but you can fit letter size books/magazines in it. There is plenty of room for all your daily essentials and more and the 3 compartments makes for great organization. LOVE IT!


  1. Lovely bag! Loveeee it! Thanks for the review Sarah. Btw if u ever have a review of the Givenchy 1888 black bag on fabaaa website , please share with me because I want to purchase that one also but waiting for some reviews :))) thanks so much!!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I have not looked into the Givenchy yet. Actually I don't even know what it looks like, going to take a look right now!

    2. Hey Marilyn, I finally went to look at the Givenchy on Fab's site. There is one that I thought looked nice but I'm not sure if this style would suite me.

  2. I love how it looks when wearing it on the shoulder. I love the dress too! Where did you get the dress from? :D
    From the photos I see the bag is very stiff. Does it have good leather smell?

    1. Hi Debbie, it does look good on the manniquin's shoulder but personally I like to hold it :). The dress was a cheapie from Forever 21 last year. I never got around to wearing it but have ove a dozen that are very similar in a variety of colors. I think it was like $21.

    2. Oh as for the bag. Yes it is very stiff but the authentic one is stiff as well. I didn't give it the sniff test but this one unlike most replica's did not have a strong chemical smell. I meant to take it to work today but was running late and didn't have time to switch out my purses. Will have to let you know tomorrow what it smells like :).

    3. I finally took this beauty to work with me today and got a good whiff of her this morning. I can smell the leather but it's very faint under a layer of chemical smell. I had thought there were no chemical smells but it's just not strong. I think once it's aired out a bit I'll be able to smell the leather better.

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  3. Hi Sarah,

    I ordered the same bag in Nero and the quality of my bag is far inferior compared to yours. I have a feeling that the quality of Joy's Prada Saffiano bags have decreased tremendously. It's so different compared to yours... yet I paid the same price. A little disappointed, but I can sort of live with it. I'll email you photos when I'm not busy.

    1. Hi Michelle. I want to get one if the Saffiano tote bag on fab too because I see that Sarah got a very good quality one. Unfortunately,I just saw your comment here about the Prada you bought is lot different than Sarah's. it makes me a little worry. Would you please email me some pictures of the bag you bought when you have time ? I want to take a look of how different it is before I make a purchase on fab. I will be very appriciate it! My email address is
      Thank you!

  4. I've just discovered your blog and I loveee it :) I'm currently on the hunt for a Prada Saffiano replica and this one looks perfect, such a gorgeous colour! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog.. have added it to my favourites so I can keep checking back :-) x

  5. Hi there! Do FabAAA courier to Malaysia ?

    1. Hi Nurul, I don't know the answer to this. Have you just tried emailing Joy? Last I spoke to her she was really behind on emails so it might take her a few days or a week or more to get back to you but she will respond if you contact her.

  6. hi! is the weight of the bag almost the same as an authentic one? im thinking of buying a bn2274 in black :)

  7. Hi . I love your bag so much ! I am planning to get one from fab too. Do you have any tips about how to dealing with joy to get a good quality one? As I know their Prada bags are from couple factories. I afraid I will receive one that is different than the one you got.

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  9. Sarah, is this a BN1801 or the BN 2274? It's beautiful!

  10. Hello Sarah,
    is that the BN1801 ?? pleaaase answer me

  11. Hi there! I am looking to buy the same bag in the smaller size. plz suggest a good replica website as FABAAA doesnt exist anymore. thanks

  12. Hi Sarah, does the bag come with all the 'authenticity cards'?

  13. Hi, did your bag come with all the authenticity cards?