Thursday, February 14, 2013

Replica Prada Glace Satchel in Black Calfskin Leather

This is a review of my Replica Prada Glace Tote in a Black Pebbled Calfskin Leather. I purchased this bag from iOffer almost a year ago and have since parted with it. I paid $180 via Western Union which included Free Shipping. This was the only bag I got from iOffer that I was a decent replica.

Please see pictures with my review below. These pictures were taken some time back with an old camera so they are not great quality pics and the bag is very soft so it was hard to get a picture of it standing upright.


The pebbled calfskin leather on this bag was nice and thick and soft. It is made of genuine leather and smells delicious!  This is a very large bag which is why I never carried it. I ended up gifting it to a co-worker for Christmas and she loves it!

This picture makes the bag look really shiny and not a true black but that is only the lighting and camera. It is a true black and does have a slight gloss to the leather. It comes with a removable long strap. The goldtone hardware has a lovely matt finish and all hardware (i.e. feet, handle accents, lobster claws on the long strap, etc.) are engraved with Prada.

This is the back side. The buckles on the handles are decorative only and cannot be adjusted.

Here is a close up of the hang tag. The logo on the tag is crooked, the fonts are too bolded and the "R" in Prada is missing the gap in between the curve of the R and the leg.

The logo on the plate is aligned evenly and the "R" in Prada does have a gap between the curve of the R and the leg but you can't see it in this picture. You can see it better in the picture above. But it still does not look true to an authentic Prada Logo. I can't precisely point out why only that it doesn't quite look right.

This is a picture of the inside. It was really dark so the flash went off and that's why it is shining like crazy. This bag closes with a top magnetic button. There is also a leather name plate inside that is engraved with Prada Milano but it's a little sloppy and hard to read.

The interior is lined in the signature Prada fabric that feels very similar in texture and thickness to my authentic Prada. It does have the words Prada repeating on every other row which is correct.

The bars that accent the handles are a nice touch and true to the authentic. However it is not attached very well. I could see slight gaps when I look closely. They are both engraved with Prada.

In this picture you can sort of see that it's not attached very well and the bars itself are slightly crooked. Also the Prada is off here too.

Here's a close up of the engraving. You can see here that the R is not correct.

I forgot to take pictures of the long strap but the lobster clasp on each end is engraved with Prada though the logo is still off as with the rest of the bag. Overall I would rate this bag a 7. The leather is nice and the lining feels true to the authentic but all the details are slightly off. 

This bag was so big that even carrying it by the handles it fell below my waist. If I had used the long strap it probably would have gone to my knees!

I have seen pictures of this bag also on FabAAA. They look the same as the one I got from iOffer so I suspect it came from the same supplier though hopefully the ones on Fab are better with the details than this one.

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