Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli PM

This is a review of my Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli PM that I purchased from FabAAA on August 22nd, 2012. I paid $93 plus $73 shipping. Shipping was high because I purchased 3 items so I actually saved a bit for getting multiple items.

I absolutely adore this bag and still do but unfortunately have yet to take it out for a spin. Every time I think I'm going to use it I end up using another bag I like better. That is the problem when you have too many choices LOL.

Before I bought this bag I went to see it in person at the Louis Vuitton here in Atlanta. It was the same day that I ended up buying the Trevi PM. The Tivoli and the Trevi are very similar in shape and size but the Trevi is definitely bigger though not by a whole lot. I wish I could have been able to compare it to my replica in a side-by-side comparison but my memory will have to do.
These pictures were taken late last night. Enjoy!!!


The front and back of this bag are the same except that the front is marked with the Louis Vuitton stamping and the monograms on the back are upside down.

The stamping is perfectly centered and the letters are crisp and clear. The stitching is very neat as well except for a small spot in the center of the leather towards the point but recently I have discovered that even on the authentic bags stitching is NOT perfect. I was very critical of the replica's until I realized this.

Here you can see the stitches are different sizes on the leather piece that holds the handle. The stitches on the Left side are much smaller than the ones on the Right side. And again I have seen this true of an authentic as well. The stitches are not always the same size. Shocking I know but very true!

Notice how the LV monograms are cut off by each of the leather tabs holding the handles here. This is TRUE of an authentic bag. Some people seem to think that an authentic Louis Vuitton would never cut off the LV logos. I don't know how that got started but a quick look at this bag on the official Louis Vuitton website will prove to you otherwise. Or go to the store and see it in person as I did. And this is not the only style that has the LV logos cut off. There are several others. The only one I can recall the name of is the Olympe. The LV is cut off on the back side where the zipper is. 

There is a very slight difference in the length of the handles. It is not something that you can see simply by looking. I only "felt" there was a difference when I tried to line them up. No matter which direction I placed the bag one side always felt longer. But since it's not visibly obvious to anyone it doesn't bother me.

Here you can see that there was a cut in the leather that was then stitched and glued together. This is also correct of an authentic. They did a pretty good job on this replica but it's not as neat as the authentic. You can't really see this unless you are literally looking "UP" at the bag. You can't see it by looking straight at it or even from above. I doubt anyone is going to stick their head under your bag so they can look up at it so it's not a big deal.

The zippers run smoothly and the gold tone on all the hardware are the right shade of gold.

The red edges on the leather are the right shade of red. It is supposed to be a dark red not a bright red.

Stitching on all the handles are very neat. The handles themselves feel sturdy and I can even wear them on my shoulders though it isn't comfortable there and continually slides off. Better to hand hold or put on the crook of your elbows.

You can see the pores in the leather here. This is genuine vachetta that will oxidize with use and/or exposure to the sun. Mine has been sitting in the closet since the day I got it so it hasn't had a chance to patina. I personally prefer the lighter color though.

Here's a shot where I'm shooting the camera upwards at the bag and still the corners do not look bad.

Here I had to get super close to see that the leather doesn't quite line up but it is really a super tiny flaw that you won't notice at all in person. And the stitches here are not consistent in size but remember that on an authentic they're not always consistent either.

I love the shape of this bag, it is very similar to the Trevi but smaller. This bag will hold it's form without the need to keep it stuffed though I do it anyway :).

Here's the back side and as you can see there is no stamping on the leather tab. Also the LV's are cut off by the leather tabs that hold the handle (same as the authentic) and the monograms are upside down. This is because this bag uses one piece of leather from front to back (also true of the authentic).

The canvas on this bag is thick and feels the same as the authentic. I am sure with a very close inspection next to an authentic you may find it slightly thinner but it will be a very subtle difference.

The point in the leather tab is smack in the center of the pleats which is the way it should be.

The holes for the stitches are also a bit too big in some areas but this was only obvious when I zoomed in with the camera which would be similar to using a magnifying glass in person so not a big deal.

Here you can sort of see that the handles are not the same length. The one on the Left is longer but only by a very small amount. Anyone seeing this would only think it was the bag possibly tilting forward and not that the handles are not the same size.

I love the zipper chain and charm on this bag. The chain is thick and has a good weight to it.

The charm is engraved with the LV logo and it too is nice and solid. Not a cheap hollow plated metal.

The interior is lined in a thick brown textile fabric. It is very stiff and coarse. This is what keeps the structure of the bag. The authentic is also stiff and coarse.

There are only 2 pockets on the inside. The smaller one fits my phone and the larger my camera.

The stamping on the inside is centered perfectly. It looks great in person but here in this picture you can see that the "made in France" part is not as deep as the rest. It isn't obvious in person though.

There is a leather tab in the larger pocket which is where you will find the date stamp.

Slight unraveling of the stitches on the corner of the larger pocket here.

The date stamp is the correct format though I do not know if this combination exists.

The stitches on the bottom of the bag are way too yellow. It looks almost like a Neon Yellow. It's a good thing no one can see it :).

The protective studs on the bottom are all engraved with Louis Vuitton.

Here you can see the texture of the canvas. It is a bit grainier than the authentic canvas which I've noticed on pretty much all of my monogram canvas. This is not noticeable even in a side by side. I had to blow the pictures up next to each other to see it.

Overall I am pleased with this bag and would rate it a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It's not as great of a replica as the Trevi was but close :). None of the flaws I noted above are really obvious except the too yellow stitches on the bottom but whose going to look there?


  1. I was wondering if this bag is heavy. I was thinking about getting it, but I carry a ton of things. My speedy 30 gets heavy with my things, so I am looking for something that is not too heavy. This bag looks great, do you recommend it?
    Thank you

    1. It's not heavy at all but if you fill your bag as much as I do than yes it can get heavy but that will be due to your things not from the bag itself :). I usually keep at minimum, a med to large make-up bag, checkbook wallet, key wallet, phone, iPad and a bottle of Aleve. These are my very basics but I tend to carry more. With just these items the bag is a comfortable weight for me.

    2. If you like the style then definitely go for it. I think it is a very good replica compared to what I saw at the LV store. The only thing that really screams replica is the bottom stitching. It is too yellow, almost like a neon yellow. Good thing it's underneath where no one could see it :).

  2. I just wanted to point out that on my Authentic Speedy 35 the stitching by the zipper up top is not perfect, there are stitches that are bigger and not even with the other side of the bag. So even LV has flaws in the stitching.

    1. Hi Kim, thank you for pointing that out. I have been looking at A LOT of authentic LV bags lately including inspecting my own very very closely and I am shocked at what I found. There are quite a few of inconsistencies on the authentic ones that I had always thought were perfect. I'm going to do a summary of what I'd discovered with pics to show. This is actually very good news to us replica owners. I have been pointing out every little flaw and stitch out of place only to find the authentic has these little flaws as well just not as many and not as bad.

  3. I have this bag in the GM from Fab and it is beautiful! On the GM the straps are adjustable and I haven't noticed a diff in the length. I found very few flaws, none of which are noticeable without a magnifying glass LOL. It is worth purchasing (my 2 cents)

  4. Hi sarah please let me know if this item is available and i decided a pm would probably look better on me. Please email me at willcitta@gmail.com and i'll pay asap.

    1. Hi there, yes it is still available. I'll send you an email :).

  5. Hi Sarah,
    If you haven't sold the bag, please let me know. I'm interested in buying it. Thank you for this web site! Love all the info you share.

    1. Hi Jackie, there is another buyer that wants it but we have not completed the transaction yet which is entirely my fault as I've been so busy I hadn't sent her the invoice she asked for. I just did it today. However if she changes her mind since I waited too long I will let you know :).

  6. Can I ask how the patina compares from your replicas to the authentic? I have bought a few replicas where the patina ended up being more of an orange brown than honey brown and would like to see how your bags have fared. Thanks