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Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Eugene Wallet

This is a review of my Replica Louis Vuitton Eugene Wallet that I purchased from FabAAA sometime in 2011. I purchased this from Fab's other website which is no longer active so I don't have record of the date it was purchased but since my very first purchase on Fab's new site is in December of 2011 I know it would be sometime before that.

I paid $50 for this wallet plus a $49 Shipping but the high shipping is because I had also bought the Manhattan PM at the same time. My review of the Manhattan PM can be found HERE.


I am fairly certain I bought this wallet sometime in mid 2011 so I have had it about a year and a half now and it is still holding up great! These pictures were taken a couple nights ago.

I did see this wallet in person at the Louis Vuitton boutique here in Atlanta though I did not take it with me to compare side-by-side. I wonder what they would do if I had done that LOL. The canvas on the authentic which seems to be common with the replica's I've gotten from Fab. They look great and they feel very similar but if you pay close attention you can feel a difference.
The placement of the monograms are correct and the top and bottom lines up.

This wallet has a slide through locking mechanism. This one does a pretty good job of staying closed. It does not make a loud click like the authentic one but I have not had any problems of it sliding out by accident. The Louis Vuitton stamping on the clasp is nice and neat and appears to be aligned. The PARIS below however is a bit scratched up. That's probably caused from being scratched by things in my bag.
The yellow stitching here is well done and the stitches are the same size. But there is like a red line in the leather that is not as nice on the right side as it is on the left. And there is another line right above that red line which is really an indentation in the leather. That line runs right into the red line on the Right. On the left they are separated.

The monograms on this wallet is a little darker than the one I saw at the LV boutique but that may be due to it's age. I know the authentic monogram does fade with age but I would think that it would take more than a couple of years to do so.

The thread used in the stitching on the canvas is almost the exact same color as the canvas which is awesome because you won't be able to see any crooked stitching :).

There is a zip pocket on the back side and the zipper runs smoothly. Here you notice that the monograms are upside down. This is because they use one piece of leather. It is true of the authentic as well. The zipper cuts off a portion of the flower which is also correct.

Here you can see that the zipper pull is engraved with Louis Vuitton. Though the engraving itself is nice and neat the "Vuitton" part should be facing upside down so as to be the opposite of the "Louis". The zipper pull itself is nice and thick and feels like quality not some cheap plated metal.
On the left side you'll notice that the monograms do not line up due to the slit in the canvas which pulls out for the zip pocket. I honestly did not pay attention to how the authentic one is lined up so I do not know if this is accurate. But I do know that not all monograms line up on the authentic bags. While at the store I noticed that the monograms on the bottom of the "Totally" does not line up where they meet at the seams so it may be the same with the Eugene wallet.

Here you can see that the stitching below the zippers runs across the exact same location on the flower all the way which shows that they are aligned perfectly.

Here you can see the texture of the canvas pretty good. On an authentic monogram canvas the texture is not quite as pebbled as this but it is not obvious. And as I said previously the canvas of the replica is not quite as thick as the authentic. There is also a very subtle sheen to the canvas on the replica that is not visible on the authentic except under very harsh lighting. An example would be like the flash from a camera. 

Here's the bottom view. The placement of the flowers here are accurate. The red edging on the leather is actually a bit too bright. It should be a slightly darker red but it's not as obvious in person as it appears in this picture.

There is some fraying of the threads here but it's held up really well considering it's the only monogram wallet I own so I use it with all of my monogramed LV canvas bags. If it keeps up like this I do not expect to have to buy another one for at least another 2 years :).

Here's the top view. Notice how the same flowers are here that are on the bottom and they are aligned exactly the same with the same amount of distance between each one.

The color of the canvas on the inside matches what I remember of the authentic wallet.

Here's a close up of the clasp. You can see it is set securely on the leather and attached to the canvas. There are no gaps showing anywhere so it's on there pretty good.

Stitching on the inside here is nice and even and perfectly spaced.

Here's how it looks on the inside. I LOVE the ID window which is where I keep my drivers license. It makes it so easy to get to and I don't have to pull it out of the wallet when I have to show someone, like the cashier when I make a credit card purchase :).

There are 5 credit card slots on the Right and 7 on the left. There is also a compartment behind both credit cards. There is also another slit right below the credit cards on the left. This is all true to the authentic. This wallet is the perfect size and holds all of my credit cards, ID's, my check book, and plenty of room for cash and receipts.

The stamping on the left is in black ink and is centered which is accurate. And the stitching here is very neat as well.

Here's a close-up of the stamping. You can see that part of the "N" is starting to fade. It was like this when I first got it so not something that just happened.

Here is the compartment behind the credit card slots on the Left. The material here is supposed to be leather but it feels like plastic or what is often referred to as PVC Leather which is really just another term for faux leather.

The next four pictures are just various close-ups of the different sections of the wallet. There is really not much to say about it that I have not already covered. Overall I think the inside was well done and the stitching is almost perfect.

Here is the zipper compartment on the back of the wallet. The material here is also PVC Leather where on the authentic it is genuine leather.

The date stamp is on the left side of the wallet in the compartment behind the credit cards. This picture was taken upside down because it was the only way I could get enough light to take the picture.

I would rate this wallet a 9.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It's an awesome replica that looks almost identical to the authentic. In fact I would be surprised if anyone could tell the difference without examining it very closely and being able to touch the material.

Only very minor details keeps it from being a 10. And because this is the only monogramed LV canvas wallet that I own and I have many monogramed bags it gets used frequently and does not seem to look any worse than the day I got it!

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