Saturday, February 16, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Cosmetic Case

This is a review of my Replica Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Case in Damier Azur Canvas purchased from FabAAA on September 20th, 2012. I paid $40 for this cutie plus $44 shipping. Shipping was high because I had purchased 4 other small items as well so I actually saved a little on the shipping.
I really love this cosmetic case and have also purchased it in Monogram and Damier Ebene. I actually got the Damier Ebene first then got the Monogram and the Azur at the same time shortly after.
The front and back are identical except for the "Louis Vuitton" stamping in the center. The front will be right side up and the back will be upside down. This is because the bag was constructed using 1 piece of canvas so what starts right side up and will turn upside down on the opposite side.

If you look at the placement of the stamping you will notice that it is placed in the very center. There are 2 squares above and 2 squares below and to the left and right there are 3 squares on each side. It is identical on front and back.

I have not seen this print in person so I cannot confirm whether the color of the canvas is exact or not but I think that even if it were slightly off you really can't tell unless you had the authentic to compare it to side-by-side. Here you can see the texture of the canvas. I love the Louis Vuitton canvas because they are nearly indestructible! A damp washcloth will clean most any stains or soiling and any scratches would be hidden by the texture of the canvas.

Here is a close-up of the Louis Vuitton stamping. Even with the picture enlarged to this degree the stamp is still clear with hardly any bleeding. The top right of the "V" is bleeding into the top left of the "U". That is the only part that is off but you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking closely.
The color of the stitches on the canvas is the same color as the ivory canvas itself. As you can see it almost disappears when it goes over the light checkers. If your bag has any flaws in stitching it would be camouflaged well. The stitching on this bag is actually pretty good.
The squares are all the same size and appear to be aligned evenly on both sides. There are also the exact same number of squares on both sides. Front and back are identical except for the Louis Vuitton stamping which is upside down on the back.

This bag opens with a zipper which runs smoothly with no catching. The gold tone on the hardware are the same shade of gold. In some replicas you may notice that the zipper is a different shade of gold than the zipper pull. For example a pale gold zipper with a dark yellow zipper pull. This is just a hypothetical example here.

Here you can see the LV engraving on the zipper pull is nicely centered. The finish on the metal is not as smooth as on the authentic but it is not noticeable unless you had the authentic to compare it to and even then it is a very subtle variation. The zipper head in this picture appears to have rust but I can assure you that it is only a trick of the lighting.

The zipper pull is engraved on both sides. Here is the other side. The LV's are the same size and in the same position. They are both perfectly centered.
Boy this camera can be very unforgiving on a person. My cuticles look horrible in this picture and my nails look dry and brittle. I promise they are nowhere near as bad as they look here!

Here you can see that on the other end of the zipper there is a slight gap. Also the yellow thread here is a little too yellow. The authentic one is more of a pale yellow.

The texture underneath the leather tabs remind me of corkscrew :).
This bag has a really nice dome shape that is true to the authentic. It is big enough to hold all your basics (i.e. powder, blush, several lipstick or lip glosses, chap stick, eye liner, a multitude of brushes and even a small bottle of lotion or two). It is also the right size to use as a clutch.
Here's the top view. You can see here how the blue squares at the top edge are in exactly the same position on the other side.
Here are some shots of the corners and edges where they are folded in. I don't see anything off here.
Here's the bottom view. There are exactly 3 "full" squares on the bottom but with the alternating pattern you will find there are 3 rows of blue squares and 3 rows of ivory squares.
The inside is also coated canvas in a light ivory color. This makes it easy to clean any make-up spills.
This bag contains one main compartment and one slip pocket.
Here you can see the hole where the zipper leaves a gap. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be closed.
The color of the inside is actually a light cream. In these pictures they look yellow but that's only because of the lighting. The stitches, which are nice and even here, are also the same cream color.
Here you can see the seams are nice and tight. There is a very teensy pulling of the thread if I really want to pick on something :). I've only used this bag once so it's still practically new but because the material is practically stain resistant I think it would stay looking new even if you used it frequently.
The stamping is perfectly centered and stitching looks perfect. There is only a tiny little piece of the red edging on the leather showing on the top left.
This is the inside of the pocket. There is a little leather tab here which contains the date stamp.
The date stamp shown here is in the correct format and is also nice and clean. I do not know if this combination actually exist though.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this bag a 9.5! These little bags are just fabulous, that's why I bought all 3 prints :). If they came out in any other print or material I'd probably get them too LOL.  I really have no complaints at all so if you are considering buying one I highly recommend getting them from Joy at FabAAA.