Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Milla in Damier Azure Print by Laura

Here is another lovely review by Laura. Such a cute little purse makes me want to downsize what I carry on a daily basis just so I can get one :). Thanks again Laura!!!


Laura's Review:


Here's my first favorite from Joy. It's similar to the Milla except its in the Damier Azur print. It's the perfect "going out" bag, or quick trip to the store bag. I travel a lot, so it's my new go-to purse.

I needed something to throw my hotel key, credit card and lipstick in.  This is perfect!

Of all the things I have bought from Joy, this was the only one that actually smelled good when it arrived ;) It's incredibly soft inside and out. The canvas is not stiff and feels good to the touch.

I was very happy with the chain. I thought for sure that it would be cheap and flimsy, but I'm satisfied that it would "pass" as real. It's weighty enough and I really love the lobster claw. It might be a little shinier than the authentic, but I don't think it looks cheap at all.

The inside us very soft. I couldn't get a picture of the date code inside the pocket, but it is there. If you're looking for a little purse to run around in, this would be a great purchase!

Laura J


  1. Cute purse! Thanks for your posting of this review. Can u please review this one 12) Burberry Purse w/Gold HDW I saw u listed that u bought it from fabaaa. Thanks so much :)))

  2. It's super cute!! It looks beautiful up close. Even though I have the Monogram Milla already I may have to get this one for spring! Thanks for the review.

  3. Troi,

    I think this would definitely be the "spring" version of the Monogram Milla,(which I now plan to get since I love this one so much!) It seems very well-made. I know you would love it!