Saturday, February 16, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Infinity Empreinte Artsy MM

So I realize I have already beaten this poor replica to death already but here are the rest of the pictures and the full review so you can see what other differences than the ones I'd noted in the Sneak Peak.

This picture of the 2 Artsy's side-by-side is from the Sneak Peak. I'm sure I don't need to point out which is which but just in case the Replica is on the Left and the Authentic is on the right. I want to point out that in this picture both bags have the same amount of stuffing and as you can see the Authentic bag has a much nicer shape. Also please note that the hanging charm of the authentic bag is clipped to the inside. The leather on the authentic charm was not as long as the replica and it was really stiff. I could not figure out how to hang it on the outside so that's why I left it out.

In this picture I have added more stuffing in an attempt to shape it better. It is now stuffed to the max which is about 3 times more than in the picture above. I also hung the handle on a door knob for a week with 2 weights that are 5lbs. each totaling 10 lbs.. My purpose was to try and stretch out the handles and it seems to have worked though still not as curved as the authentic above. Possibly another week would do it.
Now the shape and handle looks much better but in reality can you imagine anyone stuffing this bag all the way to the top? This bag is huge and to stuff it full like that would make it unbearably heavy and finding anything is next to impossible.

Here is the authentic bag to compare with the picture above.

Here is a close-up of the leather and monograms on the replica. The replica has an awful shine to it that does not exist on the authentic bag. It looks almost like plastic though I can assure you that it is indeed genuine leather. Also the monograms are really cluttered and too close together. Some are almost touching. The monograms on the authentic are very subtle and spaced evenly apart.

Here is a close up of the authentic leather and monograms. As you can see the leather does not shine and the monograms are very subtle and evenly spaced. Also the leather on the authentic is thicker than the replica.
The color of the bags are another huge difference. The navy blue is called the "Infinity" and it is supposed to be a very dark navy blue to the point where it looks black in certain lighting. If you take the authentic bag out in bright daylight you will be able to see more of the blue in it. At nighttime or harsh artificial lighting however it looks black. So here's the top left corner of the bag. Each of the metal donuts holding the rings of the handle are engraved with Louis Vuitton with the "Louis" and "Vuitton" facing opposite directions which is true of the authentic bag.

This is the other corner of the replica.

Here is the charm on the replica. This picture is what convinced me I had mistakenly identified the this charm as the authentic in my previous review of the Authentic Artsy. The clasp on this charm is extruding and not aligned as it should be.

Here is a side view. From this angle you can't even see the handle because it does not have a nice arch like in the authentic bag.


Here is the opposite side. Even with as much stuffing as I put in this bag you can see that it is still starting to tilt over a bit. That is because the leather is too thin and the interior lining is not as coarse as the authentic which is what gives the authentic bag more structure.

This is the comparison side picture from the Sneak Peak. The replica has less stuffing in this picture so as you can see it tilts even further. It looks better above though still nowhere near as nice as the authentic bag. See how the handle on the authentic can be seen even from the side?

Here I have removed all the stuffing so that the bag is completely empty and as you can see it has absolutely NO structure to it at all. It just flops over.

Here is a picture from above with the bag flat on it's back.

Now here is a picture of the authentic bag taken from the same angle. I have also removed all the stuffing. As you can see it still retains most of it's structure even without anything inside.

Now back to the replica. This is a close up of the engraving on the ring. Although the engraving is nice and neat it is quite a bit smaller than the authentic. The font on the authentic bag is much larger.

Here is a close up of the engraving on the authentic bag. I left the plastic cover because I was returning the bag but you can still see that the engraving is thinner, not quite as bold as the replica and the font is also larger. The donut is also larger.

Here is a picture showing the interior fabric lining. The lining on the replica is much lighter than the lining on the authentic. Also the fabric itself is not as thick which is what helps give the bag structure.


The zipper pull on the inside is about the same size as the authentic.

Here is the lining of the authentic bag. The inside was very dark so the flash went off making the blue much lighter than it is in reality but even so you can still see the difference in how the blue is darker here than the one above.

Here are some pictures comparing the handles. The one on the Left is the Replica and the one on the Right is the Authentic. They are actually about the same thickness.

The braided part is tighter on the authentic (Right) than it is on the replica (Left).

You can also see there is a crease in each of the braid on the replica (bottom) which is not present in the authentic (top). The braided leather on the authentic appears smooth. The replica has like a middle crease in all of them.

The braids are also smaller on the authentic (Right) than it is on the replica (Left).

Here is the bottom view of the replica. You can see here that the stitching crosses smack in the center of the flower which is correct of the authentic.

Here is the bottom of the authentic bag. Now if I want to be super picky I could point out that the stitching does not quite cross smack in the center as it is does on the replica above. It is off by like a hairline :). The color of the thread used in both bags appear to be the same color.

Here is the bottom view of the 2 bags side-by-side. If you notice the placement of the studs each one cuts off a portion of the flower. Here the replica did a good job of mimicking the authentic. The top studs cut off the top portion of the flower and bottom studs cuts off a portion of the bottom of the flower. This is true even if you were to turn the bag over.

Here is a picture of the bottom left corner of the base. See how the stud is cutting off the bottom part of the flower? The stud above it would cut off the top part of the flower.
And all studs are engraved with Louis Vuitton just like the authentic. Also you can see that the monograms do not line up at the seams here but they don't line up in the authentic either.

This is the top stud on the Right corner and now it is cutting off a portion of the top of the flower.

Here's the bottom Right corner and now it is cutting off the bottom portion of the flower.

And finally here are some pictures of the 2 charms side-by-side. You've probably already seen this in the review of the Authentic Artsy. The one on the Left is the Authentic and the one on the Right is the Replica. The engraving on the authentic is cleaner and easier to read. The one on the replica looks good in person but in the picture it appears more bolder.

Here the Replica is on the Left and the Authentic is on the Right. You can see that the finish on the authentic is smoother than the replica. The small rings attach the leather to the charm is thicker on the authentic.

Here the Replica is on the Left and the Authentic is on the Right. I know you can't see it in this picture but the leather is about 2" longer on the replica. It is also more flexible where the authentic leather is really stiff. I couldn't figure out how to tie it because it was so stiff.

Here the Authentic is on the Right and the Replica is on the Left. The clasp on the Authentic is just slightly wider than the replica. Also the opening of the clasp does not line up on the replica.

I was not able to take pictures of the inside. It was just too dark and the material made it difficult twist and turn so I could get in a clear shot. But I can tell you that there are the same number of compartments in both bags.

The name plate on the authentic is more crisp and easier to read. The fonts are larger than the replica. The plate itself is also aligned perfectly with regards to the lines in the fabric. The replica plate does not line up. It is straight but just doesn't sit on the line like in the authentic.  Also the color of the engraving on the authentic matches perfectly to the gold in the hardware which is not the same case for the replica.

So after this doing this review my opinion of the replica still stands. This is a horrible bag, the worst one I have ever gotten from FabAAA. I had hoped that perhaps I just got a bad batch but others are saying that they have only heard bad things on the Empreinte o it looks like this is just a difficult bag to replicate. I would certainly stay away from this bag on Fab's website unless you can get pictures before shipping to ensure your bag is a better replica. The one posted on her site is a much better replica but that is not the same bag as what I received.


  1. I got my fab infini artsy today. I'm out of town, but my boyfriend opened the box and sent me a pic. It definitely looks better than what you received but its not spot on as the print looks smaller and closer than the auth. But so far so good! I can't wait to get home tomorrow so I can analyze it. I'll send you pics once I do!

    1. Awesome, please send me pictures and a review when you get a moment. I just had another reader submit one as well. It looks much better than mine but still shows a big difference in the monograms and the color of the leather. Because of this I'm going to stay away from Fab's Empreinte line until she has a consistent amount of good reviews in that area. I'm hoping yours will be the first :).

  2. Where did you buy your replica?

  3. Could you send me your mail address I would like to send you some pictures that you helped me to assess authenticity

  4. Could you send me your mail address I would like to send you some pictures that you helped me to assess authenticity

  5. This was helpful. Do you authenticate bags? I have one similar to the one you have here but I got mine from an estate sale.