Friday, February 15, 2013

Replica Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM in Damier Azur

This is a review of my Louis Vuitton Hampstead PM in Damier Azur purchased from FabAAA. I bought this bag and the matching wallet at the same time almost 2 years ago. I paid $99 for the bag and $52 for the wallet plus $49 shipping for both items. This was actually my very first purchase ever from FabAAA so you can say this is the bag that started it all :).

I do my best to provide detailed pictures with lots of close ups and my new camera does a wonderful job but the downside to this it tends to make minor flaws look much worse. Many times you probably won't notice the small imperfections when looking with the naked eye.

Here is a picture of the entire set. I purchased the wallet with the bag. The cosmetic case was purchased a few months later.

The underside of the handles are lighter than the vachetta on top and at the corners. It's only a subtle difference but the lighting made it look more dramatic. This bag has only been used a few times so the vachetta has not had a chance to oxidize.

This bag features a bold name plate in bright gold hardware that appears to be screwed onto the leather plate and then attached to the canvas. The distance between the name plate and the tabs that attach the handles are the same on both sides and the plate is also aligned with the lines of the checker pattern making it nice and centered.

The stitching is a little off on the bottom left corner, you won't notice this in person unless you were inspecting it with a microscope :). The engraving on the name plate is nice and clean. The hardware is substantial and all screws are engraved.

The underside of the handles are cut then folded over, glued and stitched together. The trim line can be seen in person and there is also a slight color difference in the leather. The folded part is a lighter shade. And the stitching here is a bit sloppy.

This is the other handle to the Left of the name plate. Stitching is crooked here but fortunately it is only on the underside. The top portion of the straps are much better. There is also a slight wrinkling in the straps. The wrinkles were already there when I first received the bag. This may have occurred during shipping or storage. The straps on an authentic bag does wrinkle with use and over time.

If you look at the vachetta here you can almost see the pores. This is genuine vachetta which will oxidize over time and exposure to the sun. You can speed this process with olive oil and sun. I prefer the light color especially with the Azur print.

Close up shot of the top Left corner of the front of the bag. Stitching is beautiful on top. It doesn't follow the indentation in the leather but I discovered it to be the same on Authentic bags.

Top Right corner of the front of the bag.

This bag has snap buttons on the sides. I am really annoyed with these buttons because although they do snap close they will only stay closed when the bag is not in use. As soon as I pick it up or I have it on my shoulders it will unsnap. I like the shape better with the buttons snapped so this was annoying.

Close up of the top. I have read from other buyers that the blue squares are darker or not quite the same shade as the authentic. I can't confirm this because I've never seen this print in person. But due to the pattern I would say that any variation would be very difficult to note unless your bag was sitting right next to an authentic one.

Close up of the bottom. The Louis Vuitton on both sides are perfectly aligned in that they have the same amount of blue squares before they meet at the seam. They each have 1 blue square with the 3rd one meeting in the center.

Close-up of the bottom Left corner.

Bottom Right corner. The indentation in the leather here is almost invisible. Even with the picture magnified I could barely see it, in person it is practically invisible.

Here is the back side of the bag with the straps hanging down. The first thing that jumps at me is the Right handle. You can clearly see a line where the cut is made in the leather and folded over. There is also an obvious color difference. The folded part is lighter on the right side but on the left side the folded part is darker.

Close-up of the Right handle on the back side. The trim line is not even, it is cut at an angle instead of straight across.

Here is a close-up of the Left handle on the back of the bag. The trim line here is straight and the stitching is also better. The most obvious flaw here is the color difference in the vachetta. The folded part is darker  making the cut part more obvious.

Close-up of the leather tab from the Right handles on the back side. Thread color is very good. It isn't the bright dark yellow that you see on most replicas.

There is a very small and slightly pinkish color transfer on the canvas here. I didn't see it at first. I went went over the pictures several times to check for anything I missed before I realized it was there. Not sure where that came from.

Opposite side close up. A couple more hardly visible color transfer.

Close-up of the canvas.

Here is a real close-up of the Louis Vuitton stamping. Even with the picture magnified to this degree the stamping is still nice and clean. There is only a very tiny bleeding of the "V" where it touches the "U" in VUITTON.

Close-up of the Left handle on the front of the bag. Sorry, this picture should be on top with the other frontal shots.

Same strap from above. Both straps measure the same width, length and thickness.

Other handle on the front of the bag.There is a slight difference in texture of the vachetta here. The top portion that folds over is nearly smooth but the bottom shows more pores in the leather.

The rounded square strap loops feel substantial. They should hold quite a bit of weight without strain.

The checker pattern on the canvas are very well aligned.

View of the buttons unsnapped. I have been keeping it snapped in the hopes that it will retain the shape even when the buttons come undone.

The folded part of the leather doesn't line up to the folded part in the canvas but they do not line up on an authentic bag either. I have pictures of an Authentic Hampstead PM in Damier Ebene from one of my readers showing this.

The checkers do not line up. On the Authentic Hampstead I posted they don't line up either.

Close up of the engraving on the button very nicely done.

Here is the button on the other side.

The Louis Vuitton stampings on the bottom of the bag are perfectly mirrored.

Top view of the bag. This bag does not have a real closure. It has a clasp that you can attach to the ring on the other side to pull the opening of the bag closer together.

The interior is lined in a velvety soft beige microfiber fabric. Looks just like the Authentic.

The interior features 2 open pockets. The one on the right fits my phone (Verizon LG Chocolate) perfectly and I use the one for my camera. The opposite wall has a zip pocket.

Zippers run smooth with no catching. The zipper pull is engraved with the LV logo on both sides.

The zipper end looks like rust but it's only a trick of the lighting.

The heat stamp on the inside is nice and clean but it isn't centered. The Registration mark is almost touching the stitched area and too much space under the "made in France" part.

The clasp is really lightweight and does not feel substantial. I have only clasped it together once.I don't think this clasp will hold up to pressure.

Here is the D ring on the other side where the clasp would hook onto.

I forgot to take pictures of the date stamp but it is there on the inside of the zipper compartment.

Overall I would rate this bag an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Most of the flaws are in the stitching which are not really noticeable in person unless you were inspecting it closely. The canvas and interior lining are beautiful.
It is a great bag overall. If you are thinking about buying one I highly recommend you get it from Joy of FabAAA.
In case you're wondering, this bag does not show any patina because I've rarely used it, less than 5 times. With frequent use and/or exposure to the sun the vachetta will patina to a lovely caramel color and darker with time. 


  1. Hi Sarah,

    OMG, this replica looks fab fabulous. My authentic is in a dust bag, but, i know just by looking at the replica pics that it's bang on. I've been waiting for this review desperately , but didn't say anything because I didn't want to rush you. :)

    It's great and I have no doubt in my mind about getting it from fab, after seeing the pics. Since i'll be getting the damier ebene print, i think it'll be fine.

    Thanks for the pics.

    1. Hi Nesense, that's awesome that you have the authentic! I have not seen the authentic in person so I am not sure of all the details but I am curious about the underside of the straps. You know the part where it is cut and folded over then glued on. Is it the same with the authentic? And are the cuts even and the leather the same colour? Mine appears sloppy. The cuts appear uneven in 3 out of 4 and the color difference is what bothers me the most. But all in all I am very happy with this bag. The canvas and the interior feels wonderful and really most of the flaws are in the stitching which isn't noticeable in person unless you were looking at it very closely. And if you are getting the Damier Ebene print they will be near invisible :).

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  3. Hi Sarah ,

    I keep looking at your pics again and again, your reviews are the best.

    Ill send you some pics tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure you can not see the strap cut on the underside of the strap and I'm pretty sure there is no colour difference.

    The authentic i have is in damier ebene print, so u can't compare canvas but, we can compare the brass plate and other hardware. I'll try to do a comparison review with pics tomorrow. If I can't do the review, I'll atleast send you the pics of the authentic.

    I know you have an authentic and replica trevi in damier ebene - did you notice a difference in the canvas colour? Was the one from fab more pinkish and shinier?

    1. The replica Damier Ebene was a tiny bit darker than the authentic but honestly if I weren't looking for it I probably would not see it. I know my boss's wife certainly didn't see it :). The replica also had a bit of a shine to it which I think I noted in my comparison review. Truly, I would not have hesitated to take that replica into Louis Vuitton store. I doubt anyone would have been the wiser, it was that good!

    2. I'm still trying to make up my mind, so confused about what to get.

      I took a monogram wallet i bought from canal street to the louis vuitton store recently. the sales rep said i could compare it to the real deal all i wanted but she wasnt allowed to comment on the authenticity of the wallet.I bought the wallet for $80, think he would have given it to me for $50, but I didn't bargain properly. It came with a dustbag, box and authenticity certificate.

      When I compared it, it came really close to the authentic, all the logos and everything were in the right place. Honestly, it looked better than the authentic. I gifted it to my friend as I'd promised her I'd get her a replica from New York, but now I wish I had bought two. I took 3-4 really unprofessional photos of the wallet which I could share.

  4. Wow I have been looking for really detailed replica reviews, and yours are absolutely perfect! One question, is the leather on this replica as soft as the authentic?

    1. Thank you and ABSOLUTELY!!! I LOVE this bag and have had several offers to buy already but I think I'll keep it for now as I have only used it maybe twice LOL. My only complaint are the snaps and the stitching on the underside of the handles are a little crooked but it's not a big deal to me.

    2. Good! I have the authentic ebene version but I want to order the azur for summer since I love the style so much. I just want it to feel real, it already looks good enough to me! I haven't ordered from that site so I thought I would ask if it is soft like the authentics. Thank you for answering my question and keep doing what you're doing, love your videos too! Very informative.

  5. Could you explain the whole payment process? I just went on their website and I can pay with a credit card and I don't understand they're explanation on what to do to pay for these bags

  6. so, i saw this review and i just purchased from cindy (joys new replacement,same company), i got it in the hampstead pm ebene pm, i was very disappointing! (i have the real one to compare it to. I must say it does not look anything like it! the date code is NOT stamped on like the real one, red velvet lining is not correct (cheap) leather is different, i see glue on it, leather is light and its just overall not the AAA quality it should be. i would give it a 2 out of ten! so disappointing! just emailed her about the issue, hope it can be solved for me!

  7. so, i saw this review and i just purchased from cindy (joys new replacement,same company), i got it in the hampstead pm ebene pm, i was very disappointing! (i have the real one to compare it to. I must say it does not look anything like it! the date code is NOT stamped on like the real one, red velvet lining is not correct (cheap) leather is different, i see glue on it, leather is light and its just overall not the AAA quality it should be. i would give it a 2 out of ten! so disappointing! just emailed her about the issue, hope it can be solved for me!

  8. Hi good pm where is the date code located? Is that embossed in alcantara lining? Or just embossed in leather?