Friday, February 22, 2013

Replica Burberry Bag Review

This is a review of my Replica Burberry Bag from FabAAA. I purchased this about 8 or 9 months ago and it is still one of my top 10 favorites from Fab! The pictures I posted below do not do it justice. This bag is GORGEOUS in person but it's not very photogenic lol. I had a hard time trying to pose it in such a way as to show just how lovely it is so you'll have to take my word for it. If you like the pictures you will LOVE the bag!!!

My one and only complaint on this bag are the magnetic snap buttons on the front and back. I don't know what it is about replicas and magnets and buttons but they are almost always dysfunctional. It is my biggest pet peeves on replicas. This one is so weak it doesn't snap at all and the button grooves are too shallow. So I have to live with the front and back hanging open which sucks because I love everything else about it. Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.


The bag came in a cream colored Burberry sleeper made of a very soft cotton fabric. It also came with cards and tags which I did not keep. I don't see the point in keeping fake cards and booklets, what would be the point?

Here is the front of the bag laid flat and shot from above. The bag can sit up on it's own but due to the snaps not working the front and back sort of flops outward which isn't a good look.

I love the soft muted colors of this bag. It is not the typical Burberry colors which are much brighter. This is sort of a smoky brown.

Here's a close up of the canvas. I do not know what type of canvas it is but it feels very durable and like the Louis Vuitton's coated vinyl canvas it will not scratch or stain easily. If not for the interior fabric lining I could take this out in the pouring rain and not worry about it :).

The hardware is a bright gold tone similar to 14k gold. There appears to be a coppery undertone to the gold ring on the left. This is only a trick of the lighting or perhaps reflection. I examined it carefully and the gold looks the same to me.

The large rings are thick and has a very nice weight to it. Not cheap and hollow.

When I first received this bag the handles were not assembled. I had to put them on myself but it was very easy to do. This bag definitely looks better when in use. When you sit it down it kind of flops over due to the shape and because the snaps on the front and back don't work. In your hand or in the crook of your elbow it is a gorgeous eye candy!

The rings and leather handles feel sturdy. I have loaded this bag to the max and it does not appear to strain under the weight.

With the handles down the bag is shaped sort of like a bowling bag. The zippers start at almost the bottom of one side to the bottom of the other side so you can open as wide as needed.

The horse emblem on the front is securely affixed and the details are amazing!

Here is the back side of the bag laid flat.

The side profile isn't very attractive. It looks lumpy.

The rolled handles are thick and comfortable. I can get them to go over my shoulder but it looks funny that way and will not stay in place. I'm very petite though so I doubt many others can wear this on the shoulder. It looks best hand held or in the crook of your elbow.

The bottom is flat and will not sag with content. It feels like there is a built in bag shaper. There are no protective feet but this canvas will not stain easily.

The exterior stitching is black on black leather so they are nearly invisible. If there are any crooked stitching I could not see them and neither will you, not even up close :).

All zippers runs smoothly with no catching.

Top view of the bag. The magnetic snap buttons do not work so the front and back hangs open.

Here's a close up of the stitches. As you can see they match the leather perfectly so you won't have to worry about any crooked stitching :).

This main compartment of the bag opens with double zippers. The zipper pulls are big and engraved with "Burberry" on one side and the horse emblem on the other side. They are solid and substantial.

The engravings on both side of the zipper pull are perfectly aligned and centered. They are really tiny though so I could not get a clear picture of them. My camera doesn't do very good macro shots.

The buttons are not engraved but appear to be stamped. You can barely make out the lettering. And you can see that the grooves are too shallow. I think if it were deeper the snaps would have worked better even if the strength of the magnet were weak.

I have no idea what these letters and numbers mean but I seem to recall reading something about them a long time ago and that they had something to do with the serial # for Burberry? If anyone knows please enlighten me :).

The interior is lined in a textured cotton fabric that matches the overall colors of the bag.

The main compartment is very spacious. The front and back pockets are roomy too but because the snaps don't work I don't use them to avoid having my things fall out. This bag will accommodate the average woman's daily essentials with plenty of room for more. It can accommodate the smaller iPad's but not the 1st or 2nd generation. I have the 1st gen :(.

Both zippers goes almost completely down the length of the bag on both sides.

There are 2 open pockets on one side of the main compartment. The smaller one fits my phone (LG Verizon Chocolate) and the larger one my camera (Sony RX100).


It's hard to see but the leather tag here is engraved with "MADE IN ITALY" (all capital). 

There is a large zip pocket on the other side with a leather tag for the Burberry Name and Logo.

The Burberry Name/Logo is not completely centered. There is slightly more space below and to the left. This doesn't bother me and who knows, maybe the authentic isn't either :). I'm not really a fan of Burberry so I've never bothered to look at the Authentic ones.

The zipper pull on the inside is also engraved with the logo on one side and Burberry on the other side. It's not quite as big as the zipper pull on the exterior though.

As I have not seen what the authentic bag looks like I cannot rate how it compares but based on material and workmanship I'd rate this bag a 8.5 on a scale of 1-10, I would have given it a 9.5 if not for the retarded non-functioning buttons :).


  1. Sarah, this is just gorgeous. I recently bought an authentic burberry clutch as a gift for my new sister in law. It was around $500+ at Nordstrom. It had these small horses on the canvas/ leather. Do you know what that kind of canvas is called?

    1. I think it's just a coated canvas similar to the LV canvas. I've never really looked at the authentic Burberry bags as I'm not a big fan of plaids but I do see another one on Fab's site that I have in my wish list :).

  2. So cute. Too bad they no longer have it for sale on the website cause I can't find it.

    1. I think part of the reason why it's not in stock anymore is because it wasn't too popular. I was the only one that reviewed it and I'll admit I didn't leave a very great review because I was so disappointed in the snap buttons. I've been trying to figure out how I can get them to snap. It really bothers me when the front and back hangs out like that so I've had to keep the straps crossed so my stuff aren't hanging out :(. But the bag itself is beuatiful! Still one of my favorites :).

  3. I think the bag is SO photogenic! The photos are fabulous - it truly is a beautiful bag.

    1. Hahaha, thanks Kaitlin! I just had a hard time photographing it. The handles won't stay up on it's own and it's hard to hold them up with one hand while taking pictures with the other. With the handles down and the snaps not working the bag just kind of flops over, not a good look. You should have seen me trying to stretch one arm out while holding my slippery little camera in the other hand. I must've deleted 100s of blurry pictures before I was able to post these.

  4. Cute bag! Wish I had that in my collection, in spite of the dsyfunctional snaps. LOL.

  5. I was so bummed Fabulousaaa is out of stock of this beautiful bag. I found it on this website, what do you think?
    Is this replica site safe?

  6. OMG I love this bag! I don't see it on FabAAA anymore does anyone know who else might carry it?

  7. This bag is beautiful. I use to work in a high end store in Memphis that sold Burberry. I ordered Burberry items for the store, and I must say, just by the pictures, this bag looks like a pretty close replica minus the snaps. I could tell more if I actually held the bag. I wish I had something to offer to you for trade, but I am just starting my collection. It's so pretty.

  8. Sarah, It is very easy to remagnetize the clasp. You get a neoodymium magnet (craft store) and rub it against the clasp. My husband has done it for me in the past. You can use a soft t-shirt like fabric to keep it from scratching the finish as you rub. There are companies online that sell the magnets and they could tell you how. I know you have to figure out where the poles are on the magnet and I think Steve just did it by feel. The side that wants to stick is the pole that can be re- energized. I know it isn't that difficult and would cost almost nothing. Any magnet even from the authentic bag can very easily become demagnetized. That is just the nature of magnets.

    And that bag is stunning! I love the shape and the lines. It is gorgeous.

  9. Hi can someone tell me a safe, reliable site to buy 1:1 replica Burberry, OTHER THAN FABAAA? I saw a bag on Joy's site that I wanted for the fall (Burberry 37993621) but it is no longer available. I am not thrilled with the rest of her selection currently. Thank you in advance.

  10. The quality of pictures are gorgeous. I can see the details of the bag. Although it is lovely, I can't help but notice and agree with your points. I am also a replica owner and I bought mine from Poshmoda. I can say that they have high quality bags from a distance and upclose!

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  13. I am looking to see if anyone knows the style number or name of this Burberry bag. Absolutely, in love with this. Know these comments are from 2014, but hopefully someone knows. Or if Sarenifer would be willing to sell her? Or Maybe someone has seen this bag on a different site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.