Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Authentic Gold Versace Tote

I haven't had time to take more pictures or write another review so I thought I'd share some old pictures of a bag I no longer have.

This is, or was, my Authentic Versace Bucket Tote. Hubby purchased this from London a few years back as a birthday gift. I don't know how much he paid for it since he won't tell me but I'm quite certain it was over $1,000. Versace bags are expensive but sadly do not hold their value for resale.

It is a beautiful bag but it's too fancy for everyday. In my teens to early 20's I would have rocked this bag with jeans and t-shirts but now in my mid 30s I just don't feel it suits my lifestyle or complements my look. And I don't attend many formal events that would warrant a bag this flashy.

So after spending over a year in my closet without being used I ended up selling it to a local consignment shop for $450. They offer more to consign but it would have taken longer possibly months and I was too busy with other things to try and sell it on my own. eBay is the only market I know of other than consignment shops where I would have tried selling but eBay is a buyer's market so I probably would have gotten even less.

Anyway, these are just a few pictures I took to show the style and condition of the bag to the consignor to see if they were interested.


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