Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Replica Gucci Sukey Medium Top Handle Bag

This is a review of a Replica Gucci Sukey Medium Top Handle Bag by lilfairy4372. Enjoy!!!


My husband is a darling and bought this bag for me from Joy for Christmas. It is the Gucci sukey medium top handle bag. I had been drooling for this bag for months. My husband was going to buy an authentic for me, but I decided to get a rep. This has been my everyday bag since I got it. I love this bag. It is just like the authentic. The leather trim is luxurious, the hardware is exact. The only thing I do not like is that it does loose its shape when empty (even the authentic has that issue) and the stitching could be neater on the underside. This bag is gorgeous. I am not really of fan of Gucci, but after this purse I am addicted. I love it.

Authentic Christian Dior License Plate Bag

Here's another one from my collection of Authentic Bags. This was one of my favorites for some time and I got quite a lot of use out of it. Certainly much more than all my other bags. It isn't that I liked it more but it just seems to go so well with my casual weekend jeans and tshirt look.

I bought this one from Yoogis Closet for $475 last year and sold it for $250 to the same consignment shop where I sold the Versace from my previous post.

These pictures were taken to show the condition and style of the bag so I did not take many pictures. Also it was taken with my old camera so the quality aren't great.


Authentic Gold Versace Tote

I haven't had time to take more pictures or write another review so I thought I'd share some old pictures of a bag I no longer have.

This is, or was, my Authentic Versace Bucket Tote. Hubby purchased this from London a few years back as a birthday gift. I don't know how much he paid for it since he won't tell me but I'm quite certain it was over $1,000. Versace bags are expensive but sadly do not hold their value for resale.

It is a beautiful bag but it's too fancy for everyday. In my teens to early 20's I would have rocked this bag with jeans and t-shirts but now in my mid 30s I just don't feel it suits my lifestyle or complements my look. And I don't attend many formal events that would warrant a bag this flashy.

So after spending over a year in my closet without being used I ended up selling it to a local consignment shop for $450. They offer more to consign but it would have taken longer possibly months and I was too busy with other things to try and sell it on my own. eBay is the only market I know of other than consignment shops where I would have tried selling but eBay is a buyer's market so I probably would have gotten even less.

Anyway, these are just a few pictures I took to show the style and condition of the bag to the consignor to see if they were interested.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Western Union Fees

Just a quick post to let you know that you could save a little bit of money if you paid at an agent location for all your Western Union payments.

I just made my first WU payment online and they charged me $34. Normally I go to the Kroger in my neighborhood and pay $14 for payments up to $500. So paying online or by phone cost me $20 more. They told me it is cheaper to do it at an agent location. It's not as convenient as online but every dollar is a dollar you can use toward a purchase so I rather not pay extra fees if I don't have to :).

But today has been such crazy busy day at work I was exhausted and just too tired to make the drive to the Kroger. So I went ahead and paid the fee extra fee.

Purse Organizer for your Fabulous Bags!!!

This is a video review by Kim (aka PurseLover23) of a purse organizer and also features some of Joys fabulous bags. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did and Thank You Kim!!!


Replica Louis Vuitton Key Case in Damier Ebene

These are pictures submitted by Kim (PurseLover23) of her Replica Louis Vuitton Key Case.

Kim, if you read this I just wanted to tell you that I got your pictures (obviously) but there were no text with it so I wasn't sure if you wanted to write a review on it or just wanted to share the pics. I seem to have misplaced your original email so perhaps the text was on that email?  Anyway if you want to add a written review please email it. Thanks for contributing!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Replica Hermes BIrkin from FabAAA

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some quick pictures of a lovely Replica Hermes Birkin from FabAAA. This one was submitted by Laura but the bag was purchased by her friend. Pictures were taken with her phone camera so they're not as detailed as they could be but gives you a pretty good idea of the overall construction of the bag. Isn't she lovely :).



Sarah, Here's two more pics from my friend. I don't know if you want to add anything or not. But she did notice the Hermes Stamp could be better...


Laura is owned by Eva Knox

Just a quick announcement. One of my readers who was not familiar with the Eva Knox scam, purchased from, a site that Eva had recommended her. Through our correspondences I discovered this site is a new site for which is listed on the serving notice by Chanel as one of Eva's many domains.

So for any of you who are thinking of buying there please BEWARE.

I have added this site to my BLACK LIST. If anyone knows of others please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to post it.

Replica 35cm Hermes Kelly in Electric Blue

This is a review of my Replica 35cm Hermes Kelly in a gorgeous vibrant blue! I noticed the color of the bag looks different on my iPad. It is more of a Cobalt Blue but on my iPad it looks like a Teal Blue which is not accurate.

I purchased this from bag FabAAA probably over a year now for $264 plus $45 shipping. It was meant to be a Christmas gift for my employer's wife but I found too many flaws that I did not think she would find acceptable so I ended up keeping it myself. But even with all it's imperfections it is still one of my favorite bags! Joy describes this as Lacthis Blue on her site but I don't know if that's correct or not.

I have never seen or touched a real Hermes bag so I have no idea of how this would compare with the authentic. Unfortunately we do not have a Hermes store in Atlanta so I can't go check one out. But  honestly I don't really care. It is still a beautiful bag and who am I trying to fool anyway? Even if I had a real Hermes bag no one would believe it was authentic simply because I don't look like someone who can drop that kind of cash LOL. The ones I really liked were like $100,000+ price range! Damn I have expensive taste hahaha.

The bag arrived in this very nice Hermes Sleeper. It is made with a very thick and coarse fabric. The only complaint I had for the sleeper is the drawstring does not close all the way. It leaves a big opening on top so I have to roll it in to keep it entirely protected from dust.

The first thing I noticed is the color, WOW!!! It really is this colorful and vibrant in person. I can only describe it as Electric Blue :).

The bag has a beautiful structure. A lot of what I read says the first thing that gives away a Hermes replica is the sag in the leather but as you can see this one stands perfectly erect :). The leather is firm and soft all at once.

The hardware is a very yellow gold. Some of the authentic Kelly's I've seen on Yoogis Closet has a very yellow gold too so this may be ok. The stitching in the front looks pretty good. I do not see any obvious flaws here but I've read that Hermes bags are all hand sewn so the stitches shouldn't be straight like machine sewn anyway.

The lock and key are pretty useless. It's pretty to look at but not practical and it does not provide any security whatsoever. I can open the lock by simply sticking in a safety pin, bobby pin or a paper clip. You don't even have to twist, just push in and the lock pops out.

The engraving here appears well done. It is very clean and crisp.

All the zippers both inside and out runs smooth with no catching.

This is the Left front side. I love how the end of the zipper looks like an "H".

This is a close up of the picture above. The finish on the metal isn't great. It's not smooth and some of the plating has already rubbed off. There are also some dents, dings and scuffing on the leather which is sad as I've only used this bag 3 to 5 times at most and I take really good care of them. They are always stored in their dust bags and kept in an airtight container in my closet so there is no reason for it to show this much wear.

This is the bottom Left of the front side.

This is the bottom Center of the front side.

This is the bottom Right on the front side.

This is the top Left of the handle from the front. I don't know what those little white specks on the stitches are. And the leather seems to be a lint magnet. It's been stored for almost the entire time and still somehow managed to pick up lint all over :/

This is the Right side of the handle from the front.

Here is a side view. This bag looks gorgeous from every angle :).

The leather is thick and soft and still smells delicious after all this time. I think it is calfskin leather.

This is the bottom Left of the back side.

This is the bottom Right of the back side.

You can see all the lint in this picture. I am at a loss as to how they got there considering it's been in an airtight container.

You can see some wear on the leather here too. Come to think of it I don't know that I inspected it too carefully when I first got this bag so these dents and dings may have been there from the start and I just never noticed it until I took these pictures. It's been that way for a lot of the other bags I've photographed.


This is the Left side of the handle from the back.

Here's the Right side of the handle also from the back. I hope I'm not being repetitive but I want to show you as much detail as possible :).

Here's a top view of the handles. The color of the thread is almost exactly the same shade of blue as the leather so if there were any flaws it would be sufficiently camouflaged.

This is the back zipper. There is a white line on the zipper pull that almost looks like it may be the color/dye scratching off??? Also you can see a little rust on the zipper head.

The protective feet on this bag is pretty tall. There are no engravings on any of them.

This is the center seam from the bottom view.

This is the bottom Left corner from the front.

This is the same corner as above. All the stitches are nice and tight. There are no pulling on any of the seams or corners and no loose threads.

This is the bottom Right corner from the front.

Here's the bottom Left corner from the back.

This is the bottom Right corner of the back side.

This is the Underside of the handles.

This is also from the underside of the handle. Wow those little white specks, whatever they are, are everywhere!

This is a bit of sloppy work here. Originally I thought there was a tear in the leather but it is actually an intentional cut in the leather where it is then sewn in. I swear until I saw this picture I was positive the leather had torn somehow. You can see this cut on the picture above as well.

I think if they had added some dye to the cut area it could have been hidden. Fortunately it is on the underside of the handle so you really can't see it. I had to literally stick the camera under the handles to get the picture.

Notice anything off here? The lock is crooked! That is the biggest flaw in this bag.

You can see it a little better here. It isn't obvious until you take off the straps which sucks because I like this look the best.

The stitching on the straps are great on both sides.

There is a square with a "0" and a "K6" on the underside of the strap. I wonder if it means something.
 The cut in the leather is very ragged. I know on the authentic it would be perfectly smooth.

This is the back side of the clasp. It doesn't appear as crooked from this side as it does from the front.

It was very difficult for me to photograph the inside. The opening is not wide enough for me to let in light and the flash makes the pictures look even worse so I apologize for the unclear pictures.

The interior is all leather and features one long open slide pocket and one zip pocket. There is a piece of non dyed leather sticking out on the bottom right side in this picture. Very sloppy work here.

The leather of the sides on the interior is not firm like the exterior. You can see it sags here. Also the leather pull on the zipper is not the same as what they used on the exterior. This one is thin and feels cheap. It's like they used 2 different kinds of leather. It feels so cheap I'm not even sure it is leather.

See that mess in the bottom corner? It is the same on both sides.

The zipper is engraved Hermes.

The padlock is just SAD. I don't know what type of metal this is but it does not have the proper weight. It's not exactly flimsy or lightweight, it just doesn't feel like it's completely solid. And look how tarnished it is. I've only used the lock on the bag once. I like to get in and out of my bag quickly so the lock wasn't practical. The other times I've used this bag I've left the lock and key inside the front pocket by itself so there's no reason for it to look all scratched up like this.

The tarnishing and scratches are pretty much all over.

The claws are engraved Hermes. I have never used this long strap so it should not have the scratches seen below.

Here's a picture to show you how the screws came apart. I have screwed it back on but it's not on tight and will snap again with any pressure.

The long strap can be worn comfortably on the shoulders though I prefer holding the handles.

The long strap can also be worn cross body but that person would have to be fairly slender. For reference this mannequin is the same size as myself. Her measurements are 34C, 24, 33.


Even without an authentic bag to compare this too I can tell you with certainty that it would rate poorly in comparison. The hardware does not feel substantial and already shows major signs of wear that when it has hardly been used. The leather on the exterior feels good but you've seen the dings, dents and scratches and I'm not sure if these weren't already there when I first got the bag.

The 3 or 5 times that I've used this bag I have held it by the handles. The only time I've used the long strap was when I tried to take pictures for this post and in trying to attach the straps the screws fell off. I was able to screw it back on but I can tell it won't hold. I am sure that the minute it feels any pressure it will pop right off again.

The clothette that came with it was terrible. The part that held the keys were torn when I got it and when I attached it to the handle it tore even more so I just tossed it. It's a good thing I don't really care for it.

If you are looking for a bag that can pass for authentic I can tell you now this isn't it. It's a gorgeous bag nonetheless but there are just too many noticeable flaws.