Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Here is the review from one of my blog reader from California.Thank you for sharing your shopping experience with us.


I bought a real version of this wallet a few years ago, and I recently bought this replica, and this replica is pretty much identical in appearance to the real one. The real one is slightly heavier since the coated canvas is a tiny bit thicker, but it's unlikely normal people would notice the weight difference. The right side of the wallet, where it crosses, is slightly looser than on the real, when it's first purchased, because of the thickness of the real wallet's canvas. But after some use, the real becomes just as loose as this replica. The dimensions on this wallet are identical to the real, it even opens out the same (the top flares a bit to give you easier   access to the money slots.) The square that says Louis Vuitton is also in the same place as the original. The wallet came with the LV box and dust cover, as well as a tag and card, and random black envelope with a blank card inside. (Maybe the black envelope comes with the wallets that are sold in another country? I bought the real wallet in America and it 
didn't come with a black envelope thing.)

Shipping took about 6 business days, and I live in California. Not only did it arrive quickly, I was also pleased with how it was packaged. It came with an LV dustbag and the hardware was covered with plastic to protect it from scratches, and the bag was filled with paper to help it retain its shape. The quality of the leather is nice, the color is great, and the zippers work well.
 I'm particularly impressed with the stitching, it looks like a lot of attention was spent in crafting the bag and selecting it to be sold through this site. There are two details that make this bag look different than the authentic bag: the badge on the inside of the bag is embossed, instead of heatstamped in silver, and the length of the flap in the front of the bag. (For this model, the flap should reach to the end of the bag and almost meet the buckle, not stop two inches from the end. The way this bag is constructed, the flap's length is more similar to the Omaha messenger, also in Utah leather. I could be wrong about the flap though, I'm not an expert.) Those two details aside, this bag is quite accurate. The belt is in the right place, as is everything else, and it's exactly the same measurements as the real bag. No one is going to nitpick about the two details I pointed out anyway, and I would definitely buy from this site again.
The customer service is great!

Monday, April 14, 2014



I really do hope to use your blog to share my experience with fellow buyers n do not let them fall into this scam.

Im an avid follower of your blog n a keen purchaser of hermes, just hermes originals but recently after your blog, i ventured on purchasing hermes w a instagram seller

My first bag from a seller in dubai costs USD3.6k came 1 month after as it had to be made to order ( ostrich 30” ). Throughout the process she kept in contact w me and the bag came eventually-nice. i became more naive n started ordering from another seller.

Because of his tasteful instagram pics n the incredible price difference from other sellers i ordered a SO Black Birkin 35” in Croc for only USD800. After paying by western union to his account in Japan i wasn’t feeling too comfortable n emailed to ask why Japan when your showroom is in China, he said they are also opening a branch in Japan and he was there setting it up

After waiting for 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks the bag never arrive. With only an email address to communicate ( he gave me a lot of excuses that the bag was on its way n that i should be patience. Usually an EMS from China to reach me in Singapore only take no more than 5days. After many emails to him, he then ignored me completely

Please help me share this on your blog and if u need all my emails correspondence n receipt of payment to this seller I’m willing to share. His Instagram was Premium Luxury Orders but changed to Shanghai Luxury Orders when i busted him on instagram as a scammer! He blocked me completely within minutes

Thank you

Friday, April 11, 2014

Prada Saffiano Top-Handle Small Tote 1801 in Royal Blue and Prada Nappa Gaufre Tote Handbag BN1789 Black

Hey there,

Want to also share my experience buying from fallin4fashions.

I went on a crazy shopping spree and bought several bags through Debbie. But not before several self-reproaching worrying moments because of my previous 
experiences with another replica site.

I had previously bought some replicas from Designer Discreet, who seemed to have good reviews, but it was a hit and miss with them.
Their prices are steeper than fallin4fashions and out of the 4 I got, only 1 was a decent replica. So, I was pretty skeptical about Fallin4fashions.

But my worry was unfounded. I got 3 gorgeous Pradas from fallin, all of them are wonderful replicas. The gaufre has such soft lamb leather and it is 
overall well-made. The hardware, though heavy, is a brighter yellow shade than my original Prada - but that's ok for me. The base is my only 
complain - it is slightly uneven. Would give it a 4/5 because of the base. Here are the pics and note that these are of pre-shipment photos of my handbag 
and not taken from the site.

The other Prada is as good as my original saffiano. Complete 5 stars! Hardware, lining, leather, sturdiness, workmanship are all completely impeccable.
 I would so recommend this to anyone who is contemplating the purchase. In fact, 
after getting the royal blue small tote I went back and got a camel one too.  Would get this in every colour if I have deep pockets!

Here are the pictures of just these 2. Will do a review of the amazing 255 Chanel, ysl and micro Celine that I also bought in another review!

Overall, take this from a crazy handbag gal who has been looking for a reliable replica seller. Would highly recommend fallin4fashions.  
The quality of the bags are good and if there are duds you can always pick them out through the photos and swop them before it gets sent to you.
 I did that for a Prada which I swooped out to a YSL. The payment process with Western Union was slightly inconvenient but Debbie kept me informed 
each step of the way upon receiving my payment what she was doing. Pre-shipment photos came in 1-2 days and the bags got shipped out immediately upon 
comfirmation. I received them in less than 4 days, weekends included!

From a crazy handbag toting gal,


Here are the pre-shipment photos:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Lovely Dior bag from sellreplicahandbag

Hi 5Hong, Please post my review on your blog, thank you so much!

I just got my first replica bag from Sara ( love them very much .

at the beginning I was very nervous and exited ,cause this is my first order from them.

Sara replied my email very fast and promised to send me photos before shipment.that made me feel more comfortable.

she send me photos in 2 days after i paid.Shipping was really fast and service was very good.

the bag is exactly same as the photos she send me .leather is soft and hardware are heavy.

Overall, the bag has great quality leather and canvas

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hand swen birkin on sale from H2000H

I received an email from H2000H.There are some hand stitched birkins on sale now!
  It was a very nice bag with correct stitching, including the double stitches on the last 3 stitches of the handles. The leather was very soft to the touch. They compared the hadware with her authentic birkin and couldn't find much difference. Other details were also very accurate including the zipper, stamp, lock and dust bag. Wow! What a perfect bag.
H2000H said that her hand stitch leathers was the best and different from other sellers. Her items were also priced ver inexpensively for the top notch quality she delivers. There are also many beautiful colours in stock. Most importantly, she is able to take special orders to find the perfect colour for every customer

More Pictures :   

User: test ,  password: 123456



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celine Luggage Tote in Colbat Blue from Fallin4fashions By Christy

Hi ladies!

I am Chrisy from New York.This is my very first CĂ©line and also my very first order from Jess. I placed my order with Jess/Fallin4fashion about two weeks ago, while Jess handled everything about shipping etc. 
My order was sent out March 19th and it arrived today ( 25th) in New York through EMS.
I really love their service, everyone's so incredibly nice!

I paid $242 (The original price is $255,5% discounts by Western Union payment)for this one, shipping excluded of course. 

I think this is quite a bargain for the quality of the bag; the leather feels sooooo soft and the zippers are super smooth!   

STUNNING colour and the smooth leather is lovely.

Details wise (from my very limited Celine knowledge), the heat stamp is correct and positioned accurately, size is correct and all on the 'surface' looks fine. 

There is not doubt it's not 100% but I'm confident carrying it out because the faults are minor and not many will have this bag in the area where I live.

Unsure of the hardware colour but after looking at the TPF it's not too far off to be worried about.

Overall - I am quite pleased with the bag that will be an awesome pop of colour for the summer.

The lining is real leather

Monday, March 17, 2014

Louis Vuitton Stephen sprouse Roses Speedy 30 from

Hello all,  

So this is the review of the Roses Speedy I received from

Pros: Colors are amazing, canvas alignment and roses seem in place, hardware and stitching look good, in general it is very well made.
The leather, the print, the line up all was perfect...

Score: 7/10  Well, but I really like it! once the leather oxidizes it will look much better, I'm sure.

I'm in love with the roses collection, next to get is the wallet